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Monday, August 20, 2007

USO Qualifying Draw Up; Querrey Cell Phone Story

It's been a slow news day in tennis; I'm hearing that the US Open Junior wildcards will be announced tomorrow, and as with all wildcard announcements, there will be disagreement with some of the choices. Qualifying starts tomorrow--here's the link to the draws--and Ken Thomas of radiotennis.com will be calling the action from Court 11 beginning Tuesday afternoon and streaming it, for free, over the web.

I've spent most of the day getting my new iPhone working; I skipped the whole Blackberry generation, so I've got a lot of catching up to do. And speaking of cell phones, one of my first major articles for SMASH magazine, which appeared in May of 2006, featured a sampling of Sam Querrey's cell phone calls for the last half of 2005. As with most SMASH stories, it hadn't appeared online, until last week, when it was posted to the Backcourt section of tennis.com.


Anonymous said...

Just heard who will be the final 3 for Team USTA Boys 16 Davis Cup in Italy. Bo Seal, one of the biggest forehands for his age, Lawrence Foriemtra, who has consistantly dominated for the last 3 years and Rhyne Williams.

Except for Williams, surprising choices... What happened to Chase Buchanan, Devin Britton, Denis Lin, Frank Carlton, Alexander Dominjon, J.T. etc. It's really baffling, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand how the usta works.. They give Buchanan a main draw wc last year and this year he is probably stronger and would be better suited to play main draw and they dont give him one. Sundling got a wc to qualies last year and he didnt get anything this year. Comparing him to last the 1990's last year which he is at that age now. Last year Austin krajeck got a wc to main and he lost round of 32 and lost finals of doubs. Jenkins got quarters lost finals of doubs. Klahn lost round of 16 and won doubs. Sundling this year won doubs and got quarters i think that is worthy of a doubs wc at least and at least a qualies wc maybe main draw. Britton shoudl of gotten a main draw wc. It just doesnt make sense to me.

Anonymous said...

so how is buchanan is stronger if he hasnt played as many tournaments? did harrison get a wild card

Anonymous said...

colette have you heard anything on mallory burdette or linda mushref? the used to play alot of tournaments now they dont

Colette Lewis said...

I was wondering about Mallory Burdette myself the other day. So, no, I'm don't know.

Anonymous said...

Linda Mushref plays for another country

Anonymous said...

oh really? what country

Anonymous said...

Mallory Burdette has been hurt for several months. She has started training recently.

Anonymous said...

does lina still play tennis

david said...

The wild cards have been announced.

Main draw wild cards:

1. Jeff Dadamo
2. Alex Domijan
3. Lawrence Formentera
4. Ryan Harrison
5. Tennys Sandgren
6. Bo Seal
7. Ryan Thacher
8. Ty Trombetta

Qualifying wild cards:

1. Frank Carleton
2. Emmett Egger
3. Evan King
4. Denis Kudla
5. Sho Katayama (Japan)
6. Reserved

A few thoughts:

1. Obviously McClune turned down his wild card, which surprises me.

2. It looks like Thacher will be back from his vacation.

3. I had Dadamo getting a qualifying wild card, but I'm surprised that he got a main draw wild card. I'm not complaining, though.

4. Chase Buchanan didn't even get a qualifying wild card? Stunning, his 2007 results notwithstanding. He could still get the last wild card, but I'm guessing that they're waiting to see if Adam El Mihdawy gets into the qualifying draw directly. He's fifth on the alternate list.

5. Britton got into the qualifying draw directly, and Ryan Lipman is first on the alternate list.

6. Did anybody figure out what we got from Japan last year in return for the qualifying wild card? We didn't get a wild card into the Osaka Mayor's Cup, I know that. Are they giving the USTA cash or what?

Anonymous said...

Frank Carleton is going to Italy, 100%, so you should check your factts

Anonymous said...

colette, do you know why linda mushref has not been playin in the usa, how do they pick formeanta over britton what are they thinking

Anonymous said...

For International Team Competitions, wins or losses usually come down to the all important doubles (Ask Johnnie Mac that). By not picking a doubles specialist like Devin Britton (ITF Top 100 and holders of so many doubles titles) is a blunder on the USTA selection committee (how many of them have been to team competitions before).

Also, with Devin Britton and Rhyne Williams (ITF #11) in the team, Team USA will be guaranteed one of the top 4 seeds which is vital to get into the knock-out stage.

Both Bo and Lawrence had no or low ITF Rankings and unless the seeding committee over there has the wisdom to recognize these talented USA players with low ITF rankings, we might not be seeded in the top 4.

Please don't knock Lawrence Forimentera again, only 3 ITF B16s age eligiable boys won gold ball in B16s or above divisions in USA in 2007 and Lawrence is one of them.

Rhyne Williams won the B18s Easter Bowl Championships which should have an upper hand on Lawrence.

Tenny Sandgren won TWO GOLD BALLS (he should be a soooo in). He is also in his last year of eligibility.

Maybe he turned down the USTA invitation or he couldn't get his passport in time which USTA doesn't need to disclose to the public.

I doubted that since he is still in New Jersey this week for an ITF Group 3 event.

The third and final spot after Rhyne Williams and Tenny Sandgren should be picked between a doubles specialist and the third best available player (Lawrence). Stop your screaming, Lawrence is a gold ball Champion in 2007.

If I were in the selection committee, I would have picked Devin Britton to counter Australia's 6'6" Mark Verryth.

The saddest part of this year's JDC Final is that Tenny Sandgren is being left out in his last year of ITF B16s eligibility.

Maybe God will shine on us and these boys will bring back the crown just like Donald Young and his gang did a few years ago. Let's hope so!!!

Anonymous said...

does linda mushref still play tennis

Anonymous said...

I don't think Devin Britton was picked because I thought i saw somewhere here on Zoo tennis a few months ago that he chose not to be part of the U.S.T.A. any more. Chase Buchanan who has been playing Futures and injured and Ryan Harrison a quarterfinalist at the Zoo in 18's are also age eligible and their record speaks for itself. As for doubles Harrison has a win at the Easter Bowl over Rhyne Williams while playing with Alex Llompart and a win over Britton in doubles as well at the grass courts a tournament which he won with Ryan Lipman and won the Clay Courts with yet another different partner in Drew Daniels although the finals was a coin flip due to rain. If you are looking for a player who can play both singles and doubles thats the most obvious pick unless he turned it down or they didn't ask him because he has another year of eligibility to play it but that wouldn't make since if you are trying to send your best team.

Anonymous said...

The Boys 16s are so deep this year that the JDC Team won't require Ryan Harrison's service at all in 2007.

I am sure Master Harrison would be one of the threes in 2008.

That leaves who are the best three players to represent Team USA in JDC this year. Whichever way the USTA picks would draw tons of criticism. Lack of legitimate double players could jepoardise our chance of winning the team championships this year.

Who knows; maybe Bo and Rhyne could develop to be a great double pair during that period because both are deserving and talented players.

The only regret is to leave Tennys Sandgren home and he won't be as lucky as Ryan Harrison who could still represent USA next year.

Anonymous said...

If you are worried about sending your best 3 THIS year you would send Harrison whether he's got another year or not. I'm merely giving my opinion based on records. Judging by the tone of your letter I get the feeling that there is some envy or jealousy there. As I said before he may have been invited and turned it down for all I know. As for Sandgren the same may hold true I would think that he certainly would have been invited after winning Clays and Kalamazoo, tournaments that Seal was in and lost to Sandgren. You can't fault the U.S.T.A. for their selections unless you know who turned it down and who wasn't offered the opportunity. I'm giving my opinion based on records and not personal bias.

Anonymous said...

Linda Mushref plays for Bahrain. She is training at IMG and supposedly playing very well. I do not know why she doesn't play for the usa anymore though. she would've been a great player to have.