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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Four Unseeded Players Remain in 18s Singles, Three in 16s

Kalamazoo has never had an unseeded winner, but four boys in the 18s and three boys in the 16s can still hang on to that dream for one more day.

Daniel Gliner, Ryan Harrison, Zach Nichols and Oscar Fabian Matthews are still alive in the 18s, and Gliner and Harrison face off on Wednesday, assuring an unseeded quarterfinalist.

Chris Cha, John Collins and Max Stevens are the three players in the 16s that hope to keep up their great play for yet another day.

For my Tuesday wrap up, and dozens of photos from both sites, see ustaboys.com.


Jim said...

Can you believe damico's comments about jung's "tactics"? I don't understand why he would be so enraged about that. People take bathroom breaks all the time, just deal with it, don't have to complain about it with bratty comments. I guarantee you if damico had won that 2nd set he would have said nothing about that bathroom break. I was hoping he'd grown up by now. I don't think he was too happy about the way the crowd was rooting for jung, nor that jung had a real fighting chance.

I was looking forward to seeing jung pull off another upset this year, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see how his upcoming umich career goes, I think he's going to do some amazing things in his college career.

That being said, it looks like the draw opens up a bit for damico, he's got quite the chance now.

Colette Lewis said...

I think to call Kellen enraged is stretching it. He answered the question about Jung's break very calmly, almost matter-of-factly.

Brent said...

Collette, do you know how the split up the quarters on Thursday and Friday? I'm scheduled to come in for the day on Friday, and I'm trying to forecast who we'll likely see play. Do they do the top half quarters for 16s and 18s on Thursday and the bottom half for each on Friday?

Colette Lewis said...

If I remember correctly, they decide based on doubles implications. There isn't a set formula. I'll post it here on zootennis as soon as I know.

Anonymous said...

I think it will be mcclune/kecki in the final

Colette Lewis said...

The top half of the 16s and the bottom half of the 18s play on Thursday.

Austin said...

That's really a disadvantage to Steve Forman because he is really the only one who had to go the distance today. Well, I guess Ryan Thacher could sort of be considered in that category, but Nichols didn't really make him work in the 3rd like he did in the first two sets. At least the winner of that match will have a day off in case they go three sets again tomorrow.

I like this webcast, today was the first time I really got to check it out and Ken Thomas is doing a good job. I wish he could give more updates on the courts right there around him, that would be kinda cool. Even though sometimes I wish he knew a little more in-depth information about the players you have to give your hat off to him being out there for 12hrs a day in that broiling heat, I'm sure the families and friends who have kids playing on court 1 are loving it.

david said...

The 16s has been a chalk tournament, which is going to make for some intriguing matchups from now on. All of the QF matchups are good, but especially Sandgren vs. Carleton and Sundling vs. Seal.

And I just have to ask again, what in the world was the seeding committee thinking when they seeded Carleton 14th and Sundling 18th? The Carleton seed was especially puzzling considering that he's played well. Sundling has had some poor results, so that was a *little* more understandable.

In the 18s, I've really been surprised by Kecki. He's straight up dominated his opponents. I doubt that continues against Damico, but I'm much less certain about Damico winning than I would have been before the tournament.

Harrison has been a surprise as well, and I thought he'd do well. Losing just one set in five matches as a young 15-year-old is borderline scary. He came out of a section with Hamui, Hochwalt, Dadamo, and Nevolo, and beat two of those guys. I don't think he has much chance against McClune, but regardless, he's done great.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone watch Sundling's match today? He was down 0-5 in the 3rd set

Anonymous said...

Sundling was down 0-5 in the third set and came back. Even though he didnt have a great K-zoo that shows alot of heart.