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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kecki Beats Damico; 44 Point Tiebreaker in 16s Doubles Quarterfinal

The two big stories Thursday in Kalamazoo were Mateusz Kecki's victory over a cramping Kellen Damico in 18s singles and the 44 point tiebreaker in Ryan Noble and Bo Seal's victory over Lawrence Formentera and John Huang in 16s doubles.

For the details, see my wrap up at ustaboys.com.


Anonymous said...

I dont think a tiebreaker can end on an odd number after 12 points. It must have been 44 points.

Colette Lewis said...

You're right--I added wrong.
Thanks for letting me know

Austin said...

I saw the picture, how high did Schnugg manage to get his racquet when he threw it after losing the match? It looked about 15ft in the air on the bounce, impressive if true.

Also, did Klahn/Nevolo really not show or did Klahn pull out due to injury that he suffered yesterday?

Colette Lewis said...

Klahn's shoulder injury was the reason for the walkover, but he neglected to get a medical clearance before he left, so it is logged as a n/s

Anonymous said...

Deos that mean Klahn doesn't get his points?

Colette Lewis said...

He will get his points; the reason for the walkover was changed on Saturday.