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Monday, August 6, 2007

Gliner Downs Hamui; Photos Galore on ustaboys.com

There were two top-eight seeds eliminated today at the Nationals, one in each division, with Dan Gliner beating Johnny Hamui (5) in the 18s and Brandon Mitchell taking out Matt Spindler (6) in the 16s.

My wrap up for Monday is available at ustaboys.com.

And while you're there go to the photo archive and look at the 70 photos that my hard-working volunteer helpers, BrieLynn Hanna and Rob Sturm, added from today's action.


Anonymous said...

my boy gliner is gonna win the whole thing on my mama

Austin said...

We've got another American making waves. Wayne Odesnik has caught fire. Qualified at Washington and won two matches before losing to Isner in a 3rd set breaker, now he has qualified at Montreal AND just beat Ljubicic in a 3rd set breaker. This might be his breakthrough.

Anonymous said...

the girls 18s hard courts is not good...the location is horrible, not enough courts, its been cold,windy and misty since the tournament has started...we have to pay 12 dollars a day just to park and half the time there is no where to park...overall not a great site to have such a "premire" tournament...

Man in the Moon said...


great article on Peter Bodo's www.tennis.com site "The World's Tallest Men"
Posted 08/06/2007 @ 5 :11 PM

Peter compares the Euro Clay post RG series to the U.S. Open Series and basically says the US is losing and it will only be a matter of time before UMAG Tournament has the best players not the U.S. Open Series. They do say America is great at marketing the USOS, but no substance.

Some of the non-American bloggers think the Americans believe the world revolves around US players and it is clear, at least for the time being it does not, I am sad to say.

It was a very interesting read.