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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dent Signs On as Volunteer Assistant at Arizona

Today was an even slower day for tennis news than yesterday, with both the US Open qualifying and the Pilot Pen rained out, and no word on the US Open Junior wildcards (although the rumors are flying in the comments).

I did find this interesting article in the Arizona Daily Wildcat about U of A's men's team upcoming season. The subhead "Five-star recruit, former pro turned assistant make for optimistic Arizona tennis squad" got my attention, but I never expected to read Taylor Dent's name in the subsequent paragraphs. (The five-star recruit is Jay Goldman). Perhaps Bryan Roy, the reporter, wasn't aware that he was burying the lead, but this is news I haven't read anywhere else.

Also back during the late stages of Kalamazoo, I had an opportunity to talk with Todd Skovron of Tennis Live Radio about the tournament, (you can hear me pick Nate Schnugg to win just hours before he loses to Ty Trombetta), college tennis, Donald Young's prospects and other topics. Just go to the audio vault section in the lower left corner of the homepage of Tennisliveonline.com.


Austin said...

Burying the lead is the understatement of the day. He obviously is not a tennis journalist and doesn't know Taylor Dent from Bucky Dent. I feel so bad for Taylor, his career could very well be over because of his back. It's a shame because he had yet to reach his potential.

Everyone has always said he was a top15-20 player if he ever dedicated himself to get into good shape. He was trying to make that committment by moving to Florida, but got injured.

I wish him all the best and hopefully he will turn all his energy for tennis into becoming a great coach if he is not able to get back on tour. Maybe he could be the one to turn UC-Irvine back into the power that it was in the late 80's and early 90's since he has lived right be there his whole life. I'm sure he could recruit a bunch of SoCal kids, and maybe some really good Aussies as well.

Anonymous said...

Of all the places.....why Arizona?????

They need a whole lot of help and while I applaud Dent trying to help them out, it just doesn't make sense!!

School started there last week and its about 108-110 degrees now and I don't know too many southern Californian kids that are jumping at the chance to play there. The heat is unbearable, Tucson is just ok and the facility is barely mediocre.

My guess is that it is a very short term thing. Arizona had been around 35 in the country 2 years ago and went to out of the top 100 with their new coach.

Dent probably has a girlfriend in Tucson... but nonetheless I wish him well.

Colette Lewis said...

Actually the connection is the assistant coach Tom Lloyd, who is a longtime friend of Dent's. As Marcia Frost pointed out to me, Dent's position was announced back in April by Arizona. For the link to that story:
click here.

Austin said...

Yeah I believe they've been best friends since they were young.

Anonymous said...

How do you know they're best friends?

Anonymous said...

finally junior WC are posted for the open and once again some of the choices are indicative of the crisis in junior dev. Emmet Egger a WC in the qualies, give me a break. What's the point. Chase Buchanan, and I am not a fan of his, but Emmit over Chase.

Anonymous said...

what happened with Dent's back?