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Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 Honor Roll


Toby Kodat, ITF World Tennis Tour M15, Turkey


Dali Blanch and Alexander Bernard, ITF J1 Brazil (dbls)

Bruno Kuzuhara, ITF J1 Paraguay 

Valencia Xu, ITF J1 Paraguay (dbls) 

Dali Blanch and Alexander Bernard, ITF J1 Ecuador (dbls)


Iva Jovic, Easter Bowl 14s
Cooper Woestendk, Easter Bowl 14s 

Amber Yin and Katie Rolls, Easter Bowl 14s (dbls) 

Maxwell Exsted and Maximus Dussault, Easter Bowl 14s (dbls)

Shannon Lam, Easter Bowl 12s 

Sebastian Bielen, Easter Bowl 12s 

Abigail Gordon and Marcella Roversi, Easter Bowl 12s (dbls)

Trenton Kanchanakomtorn and Jack Kennedy, Easter Bowl 12s (dbls)
Martin Damm, ITF M15 Croatia (dbls) 

Alexandra Yepifanova, ITF J1 San Diego 

Ethan Quinn, ITF J1 San Diego 

Nathan Cox and Sebastian Gorzny, ITF J1 San Diego (dbls) 

Reese Brantmeier and Kimmi Hance, ITF J1 San Diego (dbls)
Ozan Colak, ITF J1 Colombia 

Eleana Yu, USTA L1 Spring Individual 18s 

Gavin Young, USTA L1 Spring Individual 18s 

Natalie Block, USTA L1 Spring Individual 16s 

Emon von Loben Sels, USTA L1 Spring Individual 16s

Katie Rolls, USTA L1 Spring Individual 14s

Cooper Woestendick, USTA L1 Spring Individual 14s

Kayla Moore, USTA L1 Spring Individual 12s

Trenton Kanchanakomtorn, USTA L1 Spring Individual 12s

Dali Blanch and Alexander Bernard, ITF Grade A Banana Bowl (dbls) 


Liv Hovde, Easter Bowl ITF 

Qavia Lopez and Valencia Xu, Easter Bowl ITF (dbls) 

Braden Shick and Colton Smith, Easter Bowl ITF (dbls) 

Theadora Rabman, Easter Bowl 16
Alexander Razeghi, Easter Bowl 16s 

Natalie Block and Tatum Evans, Easter Bowl 16s (dbls) 

Ethan Schiffman and Emon van Loben Sels, Easter Bowl 16s

Coco Gauff, WTA 250 Parma (dbls)
Coco Gauff, WTA 250 Parma 

Martin Damm, ITF M15 Spain (dbls)


Martin Damm, ITF M15 Macedonia (dbls)

Toby Kodat, ITF M15 Turkey (dbls)

Ben Shelton, ITF M25 Champaign (singles and doubles)

Amelia Honer, USTA Clay Courts 18s 

Vivian Miller and Maddy Zampardo, USTA Clay Courts 18s (dbls)

Ryan Colby, USTA Clay Courts 18s

Lucas Brown and Sebastian Sec, USTA Clay Courts 18s (dbls)

Kaitlin Quevedo, USTA Clay Courts 16s

Stephanie Yakoff and Natalia Perez, USTA Clay Courts 16s (dbls)

Felipe Pinzon, USTA Clay Courts 16s 

Caden Hasler and Dylan Tsoi, USTA Clay Courts 16s (dbls)

Tianmei Wang, USTA Clay Courts 14s

Claire An and Katie Rolls, USTA Clay Courts 14s (dbls)

Darwin Blanch, USTA Clay Courts 14s

Maximus Dussault and Maxwell Exsted, USTA Clay Courts 14s (dbls) 

Ciara Harding, USTA Clay Courts 12s 

Bela Martinez and Anita Tu, USTA Clay Courts 12s (dbls)
Jack Secord, USTA Clay Courts 12s 

Ryan Cozad and Yannik Alvarez, USTA Clay Courts 12s (dbls) 

Kylie Collins and Robin Montgomery, ITF W25 Evansville (dbls)

Madison Sieg, ITF JA Milan (dbls) 

Samir Banerjee, Wimbledon Junior Championships 

Reese Brantmeier and Ashlyn Krueger, ITF J1 Roehampton (dbls)


Jack Secord, USTA Nationals 12s

Ilias Bouzoubaa and Joseph Nau, USTA Nationals 12s (dbls)

Julieta Pareja, USTA Nationals 12s

Harper Stone and Julieta Pareja, USTA Nationals 12s (dbls)

Sydney Jara, USTA Nationals 14s

Riley Crowder and Katie Rolls, USTA Nationals 14s (dbls)

Jacob Olar, USTA Nationals 14s

Jacob Olar and Max Exsted, USTA Nationals 14s (dbls)

Tatum Evans, USTA Nationals 16s

Piper Charney and Ava Bruno, USTA Nationals 16s (dbls)

Alexander Razeghi, USTA Nationals 16s

Nicholas Godsick and Lucas Brown, USTA Nationals 16s (dbls)

Ashlyn Krueger, USTA Nationals 18s

Ashlyn Krueger and Robin Montgomery, USTA Nationals 18s (dbls)

Zachary Svajda, USTA Nationals 18s

Bruno Kuzuhara and Ben Shelton, USTA Nationals 18s (dbls)

Ozan Colak, ITF J1 College Park (dbls)


Claire An and Emily Deming, Les Petits As (dbls)

Ashlyn Krueger and Robin Montgomery, US Open Junior Championships (dbls)

Robin Montgomery, US Open Junior Championships

Dali Blanch, ITF M15 Cancun (dbls)


Qavia Lopez, ITF JB1 Pan American Closed (dbls)

Liv Hovde, ITF JB1 Pan American Closed

Jack Anthrop, ITF JB1 Pan American Closed

Martin Damm, ITF M25+H France (dbls)

Bruno Kuzuhara, ITF M15 Naples FL (dbls)


Kylie Collins, ITF W25 Austin TX (dbls)

Sebastian Sec and Ellis Short, ITF J1 Mexico (dlbs)

Zachary Svajda, ITF M25 Austin TX

Lexington Reed, ITF W15 Guatemala (dbls)

Colin McPeek, USTA National Indoors 12s

Colin McPeek and Izyan Ahmad, USTA National Indoors 12s (dbls)

Nicholas Patrick, USTA National Indoors 14s

Adrien Abarca and Jon Gamble, USTA National Indoors 14s (dbls)

Stephan Gershfeld, USTA National Indoors 16s

AJ Mercer and Matthew Forbes, USTA National Indoors 16s (dbls)

Alexander Visser, USTA National Indoors 18s

Cooper Woestendick and Nikita Filin, USTA National Indoors 18s (dbls)

Sophie Suh, USTA National Indoors 12s

Carrie-Ann Hoo and Nancy Lee, USTA National Indoors 12s (dbls)

Kenna Erickson, USTA National Indoors 14s

Kinley Vanpelt and Emerey Gross, USTA National Indoors 14s (dbls)

Erin Ha, USTA National Indoors 16s

Savannah Webster and Olivia Center, USTA National Indoors 16s (dbls)

Daria Smetannikov, USTA National Indoors 18s

Stephanie Yakoff and Kaitlyn Carnicella, USTA National Indoors (dbls)


Rudy Quan, Eddie Herr 16s

Teodor Davidoff, Eddie Herr 12s

Kate Kim, Eddie Herr 16s

Kristina Penickova, Eddie Herr 12s

Tygen Goldammer and Ilyas Fahim, Eddie Herr 16s (dbls)

Maxwell Exsted and Maximus Dussault, Eddie Herr 14s (dbls)

Piper Charney and Anya Murthy, Orange Bowl 16s (dbls)

Andrew Delgado and Tanner Povey, Orange Bowl 16s (dbls)

Kate Kim, Orange Bowl 16s

Quang Dong, Orange Bowl 16s

Hina Inoue, ITF W15 Cancun

Iva Jovic, Junior Orange Bowl 14s


Clark Coleman said...

Emma Navarro of UVA won her first WTA event in November.

Colette Lewis said...

Probably a good time to mention my criteria for inclusion on the Honor Roll: any Level 1 USTA, ITF J1 and above, ITA major, or Pro Circuit title as long as the player is 18 or under at the time.