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Friday, August 24, 2007

Levine, Anderson Turn Pro

I still have no power, and it could be Sunday or Monday before it returns. I'm behind on all the news, but I found a computer today long enough to learn that college tennis lost two of its stars to the professional ranks yesterday.

University of Florida's Jesse Levine announced that he will accept his wild card prize money at the U.S. Open. Charlie Bricker of the Sun-Sentinel has a few remarks from Levine here.

Brad Dancer, head coach at the University of Illinois announced Kevin Anderson's decision in a press release.


Anonymous said...

The one who should turn pro is Devarmman. I heard he made a fortune this summer and has wild cards into major events in India. Is he passing this all up to play another year of college after he already won NCAA's. Really weird !!! Wonder what's keeping him there.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of the " Dave Matthews Band"?

Anonymous said...

Heard Brengle and Weinhold turned pro this week too, guess they want to collect US Open money.

Anonymous said...

devarmman is a glorified pusher and wont be an ELITE pro. Yes he has had good wins but his game can only last until someone reaches a certain level. he cannot grind with the likes of nadal, davydenko etc...ISner on the other hand will power his way to the top.

Austin said...

Devvarmann is Robby Ginepri just with a different name and a little less talented. Top100 for sure, not top50 on a consistent basis though.

Anonymous said...

agreed devarmman doesnt have anything that can hurt you.

Anonymous said...

...other than putting 8 billion balls in the court...but yes, he's still a glorified pusher and will not crack the top 50 and probably not the top 100. As for what's keeping him in school, that would be Boland...oh, and a degree from Virginia.

Anonymous said...

UVa has a chance to have one of the best college teams of all-time. They will likely be as good or better than UGA's team in 2006

#1 Somdev as good as Isner
#2 Huey split last year's matches with Flores
#3 Shabaz
#4/#5 Inglot split with Helgeson last year.
4/5 another player to be named who has won both a singles and doubles futures
#6 likely Barrick who seems to be just a hair below Schnugg (two very close matches recently)

I believe Dev Varman's got
He's got some financial backers (associated with UVa) who will sponsor him next year

Anonymous said...

not hard to do with 10 scholarships when everyone else only uses 4.5