Saturday, May 10, 2008

Women's NCAA First Round Complete; Justine Henin Holds Tryouts For Academy

We're heading for Ann Arbor this morning for the Michigan men's regional which has the Wolverines against Western Michigan and Harvard versus Texas Tech. But I did want to offer a link to the women's first round results from Friday, which saw only one minor upset, Tulsa, a 33-38 seed, defeating TCU, a 17-32 seed. The top 16 seeds all won 4-0.

I received a phone call yesterday from Sam Duvall of SFX, who asked if I'd help get the word out on a tryout camp that Justine Henin and Carlos Rodriguez are having for their academy in Belgium on June 14th and 15th. Evaluations are available for those in the 93-95 birth years. For more information, click here or see the website. Henin and Rodriguez have announced the opening of a similar academy in Orlando, so I will keep tabs on the progress of that, especially should they schedule a tryout like this one.


scott said...

Arkansas takes out #15 seed UNC 4-3. The amazing thing about that win is that Miseviciute lost her match at #1 to Marand. So far, that's the only upset, though those 2 teams were pretty evenly matched. 1 match still going on, Florida State and Texas are locked in a tight battle.

Advancing to Round of 16:
1. Northwestern(4-0 over Indiana)
16. Fresno State(4-1 over ASU)

8. Cal(4-0 over LSU)
9. Duke(4-1 over Wm & Mary)

4. Stanford(4-1 over Texas A&M)
13. Clemson(4-1 over Michigan)

5. Baylor(4-1 over Tulsa)
12. Miami(4-1 over Notre Dame)

2. UGA(4-0 over S. Carolina)
Arkansas(4-3 over #15 UNC)

7. UCLA(4-0 over Denver)
10. USC(4-0 over Pepperdine)

3. GaTech(4-0 over Tennessee)
Texas leads #14 FSU 3-2

6. Florida(4-0 over Auburn)
11. Vanderbilt(4-3 over Kentucky)

On the men's side, Bama was stunned by South Alabama, 4-3 in the 1st round.

Colette Lewis said...

Thanks Scott. I'm having trouble finding all the results in one place, so I appreciate the up-to-date summary.

scott said...

No problem, Colette, I'm happy to help.

The NCAA has dropped the ball this season, no pun intended, on tennis updates. Last year, they had links to every host site and would update the matches as they finished on the ncaa website. This year, no such luck, so I've had to go to basically every host site myself to get the results. Not that big a deal, but it's nice to have them all in one place.

Texas knocks off #14 Florida State 5-2, so the 16 teams are set.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to be able to keep up with all of the other division daily this year, but I have daily results (and will have daily stories starting 5/15) from NCAA I with final results from all the other divisions.

Now someone has to make sure there's plenty of coffee to get me through -- that was my only complaint about NCAAs at UGA last year -- long hours and no caffeine is a tough one to handle!

Anonymous said...

yeah the NCAA site is absolutely pathetic