Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Singles and Doubles Draws Released for Individual Championships

I've just come from the ITA National Awards Luncheon and I'll list the winners below but first, I know many of you are eager to review the draws for singles and doubles. They are available at the Tulsa website (viewable only via pdf at the moment).

The ITA NCAA National Awards:
Wilson ITA Coach of the Year:
Men: Brian Boland, Virginia
Women: Claire Pollard, Northwestern

Assistant Coach of the Year:
Men: Ricardo Rubio, Texas
Women: Dave Mullins, Northwestern

Farnsworth Senior Player of the Year:
Men: Somdev Devvarman, Virigina
Women: Riza Zalameda, UCLA

Rookie Player of the Year:
Men: Alex Clayton, Stanford
Women: Hilary Barte, Stanford

Player to Watch:
Men: Oleksandr Nedovyesov, Oklahoma State
Women: Maria Mosolova, Northwestern

Arthur Ashe Award for Leadership & Sportsmanship
Men: Lars Poerschke, Baylor
Women: Kristi Miller, Georgia Tech

Cissie Leary Award for Sportsmanship (women only):
Olya Batsula, Eastern Tennessee State
Dunja Antunoviv, DePaul

Rafael Osuna Award for Sportsmanship (men):
Kaes Van't Hof, Southern California

John Van Nostrand Memorial Award (men):
Greg Ouellette, Florida


Anonymous said...

There have been four different women in the finals of the singles draw in the past three years. Audra Cohen twice and she is now pro. The other participants have been Susie Babos who was champ in '06, Zuzana Zemenova who won it in '05, finally Lindsey Nelson who has lost in the past two finals. None of these women are seeded this year in the tournament.

First Round it is Nelson vs. Falcon. Last year they played in the semis as the #4 and #2 seeds. This year its first round as the last woman directly in the field against an alpha #9 seed.

Does this make sense to anyone else? Its too bad some seeds are going to lose because of this. Then again this is also the same tournament that for the second year in a row has a player from Georgia Tech playing in it even though they werent competing for their own team in the team tournament.

Anonymous said...


Do you know why Georgia Tech's Kirsten Flower will be transferring to Ohio State next year? Is it so she can play higher in the order or something else ?

Anonymous said...

I believe she is from Columbus.