Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brengle Wins French Open Wild Card, More From Buchanan & Gordon; NCCA Cites 8 Tennis Programs for Falling Short in Academic Progress Report

Madison Brengle has won her fourth Grand Slam wild card, and third main draw one, defeating Ahsha Rolle last Saturday 6-3, 6-0 in the eight-player tournament held in Boca Raton. For complete results, see usta.com.

Sally Milano of usta.com spoke with Chase Buchanan about his win Sunday in Vero Beach and posted the conversation today. Bonnie Ford has more on Alexis Gordon at espn.com.

The NCAA has posted the names of the schools and teams who are not meeting the requirements of the Academic Progress initiative. Tennis makes up a tiny number (the NCAA's list by sport is here) and unlike other sports, there are no high profile programs. The good news is there are many, many more tennis programs listed in the Public Recognition Awards, which honor high academic performance.


Anonymous said...

I just saw the "Unstrung" documentary. I was very impressed with Greg Hirschman's personality and his family's healthy attitude, etc. However, I have a question and I'm hoping that someone will clear this up.

The clips of Greg's tennis made him seem extremely unimpressive as a tennis player. I know that this can't be correct because he is obviously an excellent player and his record speaks for itself. I would appreciate it if people who understand Greg's game can chyme in. What makes him a good player? Is he incredibly quick on his feet or unusually consistent or mentally tough? The strokes that the movie showed him hitting were incredibly awkward looking for such a top player. He seemed to have no follow-through at all on his backhand and seemed to have no power.

I'd be curious to know how the real Greg Hirschman plays.


Anonymous said...

I kinda forgot who the selected players were myself, and quite honestly was surprised at Hirshman being one of the focused players, but totally not surprised by the ugly tennis footage. The tennis that you saw on the video was the tennis that Greg plays...the "real" Greg. Simple. It wasn't a bad day, or nerves in front of the camera. It boggles my mind that he was selected over a Jesse Levine, Alex Clayton, Damico or Schnugg. And it also blows me away that he beat Neilly...wow. Greg must have had an extremely good day, probably the best result of his career.

Greg was a good player, I wouldn't classify him as a "top" or "excellent" player. He is a brilliant kid and the most enjoyment I have from watching him is his rather lengthy conversations he has with himself. He has been doing it for years and its quite entertaining!

My guess he was chosen because he's certainly not the typical academy kid, he exemplifies the balanced player, he comes from a good family and he's really bright.

Anonymous said...

Clancy Shields beat Neilly, not Hirshman.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...who was it that Hirschman beat?

To the person who asked about Fugate's eligibility...from what I could gather, Fugate spoke of his college choices of Ohio State and Florida somewhere during the filming, perhaps '05 or so. At the very end of the movie, there was a "2008" update where the movie crew spoke to Seguso at UCLA, Hirshman at Stanford, Shields at Boise St, they gave an update of Young and Querrey as well. When they got to Fugate, there was another overlay that described his ineligibility due to accepting endorsement money. And I do know that was a problem from his days at IMG/NB.