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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Corwin Q & A; Inside Junior Tennis Podcast

We had an uneventful flight back to Kalamazoo from Mobile, baggage included, because for once, a major storm bypassed the Midwest this weekend. And although we're weeks away from daffodils and tulips, and scattered piles of plowed snow are still around to remind us of the harsh recent past, it's not quite as wintry as it was when we left.

Even though I was plenty busy in Mobile, I did manage to do a lengthy phone interview with Timon Corwin on his decision to leave Kalamazoo for the USTA. The question and answer article appeared Friday on The Tennis Recruiting Network.

I also had a chance during a morning rain delay to record this week's Inside Junior Tennis podcast with Kevin McClure. We discuss Corwin's new position, Mobile through the round of 16, Georgia vs. Florida, and discover we've both spoken with Georgia Tech women's head coach Bryan Shelton in the past week.

And a final note--I'd like to thank those parents, coaches and players in Mobile who took the time to talk with me. Whether it was about their plans, goals, matches, frustrations, or insights, I truly appreciate their willingness to share their thoughts with me. I'm especially grateful for the kind comments about zootennis and its place in their tennis lives.


Tom Clear said...

Great site and your passion for tennis (junior and college) is contagious. I would love to know what parents, coaches and juniors had to say while tou were in Mobile. Maybe you can write a piece regarding some of the subject matters. Be well.

Tom Clear