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Friday, March 23, 2007

Carson and Easter Bowl Acceptances

Just a brief post to link to the acceptances to the ITF Grade 1 International Spring Championships (mostly referred to by everyone as "Carson"), and the Easter Bowl 18s, the latter coming out just last night.

The Easter Bowl list (available here), has only 57 girls and 58 boys, so there are several spots still to be filled in the 64-player fields. I think it's terrific that the USTA reserves four spots for the semifinalists in Mobile--for players like Eric Quigley and Alison Riske, who play few ITF events or have been out due to injury, it's their best chance to qualify for the tournament and I'm pleased to see them both as entrants.

The Carson field (posted here), looks to stronger, as it should be, since it is not a closed event like the Easter Bowl. With Michelle Larcher de Brito (who lost to Daniela Hantuchova Friday night at the Sony Ericsson) and Madison Brengle entered, Carson is especially strong on the girls side.

The 14s and 16s Easter Bowl tennis link site can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Your right Collette Quigley is very good, smart, good hands, quick...but he hasn't gone against the ITF players foreign and US and they are pretty good. Why does everyone think that tennis is an international sport yada yada and than pick on the u.s.kids putting it out there. You ever think they might just want to get better, or here, novel idea, maybe their coaches looked at the US field in their age group years ago and said let's hit the continents. Cone on I have heard speeches at the National events that Katrina says 64 draw, 63 losers one winner, 128, 127 losers one winner, what is she promoting Losing? is federer a loser since he didn't win Pacific Open? US against what? Some are great according to you but where is the "it" factor? Maybe you could be more productive if you looked at the guys and said, hmm, raw talent, needs seasoning, or hmm, see you on the club circuit in a few years. You got a bunch of guys that don't get any attention but they have been playing against guys in the itf's for awhile, instead of dumping on the kids that go overseas, how about asking why, did they feel they couldn't reach their potential here, or did they get tired of refs, parents, line calls, or blogs that promote whoever writes in. whatever. I think anytime you head overseas it is going to make you strong. Unlike the US when you have a tough first round, you can find plenty of good people to play, not guys that are "saving" it for the tournament, for g sakes your not pros, play, play and then play some more. interesting blog though, too bad the field is getting smaller every year.

Anonymous said...

So Boyajian's not playing the Easter Bowl? That's surprising.

Colette Lewis said...

I think Boyajian has dropped the appeal of his suspension by the USTA and that's why he's not playing the Easter Bowl.
I'll check on that next week.

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something ? Boyajian suspended by the
USTA ? On what ground ? Can someone please , keep me inform ?