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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tulsa Slideshow

In addition to his roll as TheTennisPodcast host, Kevin McClure also is something of a techie, and he suggested I try slideroll to give some more exposure to the photos that I've amassed. These are ones that have already appeared on the site previously (to minimize the time I needed to experiment), but it looks like it's going to work well. I may try to add a U.S. Open Junior slideshow in the next few days.


AndrewD said...


One of the things I like and appreciate most about your photographs is that they are quite large so, easy to view. If you use the slide-show will that confine the pictures to a small size?

Colette Lewis said...

The slideshow will be an occasional feature. I plan to continue to use photos in the same manner I've done in the past.