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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ITA Individual Indoor Draws Posted

The draws for the ITA Indoor in Columbus, which begins on Thursday, came out on Monday, and I was happy to see Suzi Babos of Cal as the top seed for the women. She has won the past two women's national titles, unseeded in both, and it's time she was given credit for her performances. The men's top seed is defending champion Ben Kohlloeffel of UCLA, who didn't play the All-American in Tulsa, but is also, like Babos, the current NCAA champion.

Georgia's John Isner is seeded second, and last year he and Kohlloffel had a classic semifinal battle in Columbus, which I recounted here.

Audra Cohen of Miami is the women's second seed. Sally Milano of usta.com just posted an in-depth profile about Cohen that definitively answers the questions of why she left Northwestern, why she went to college and what exactly was wrong with her back. I hope these "college profiles" become a regular feature, similar to the "Junior Spotlights."

And finally, The Lantern, the student daily of The Ohio State University, published this article on Steven Moneke of Germany, a sophomore on the Buckeye team, who qualified for the ITA Indoor by winning the Midwest Regional in Minneapolis.


Davis Cup said...

hm.. she is really strong :)

Anonymous said...

some upsets in the first round:

Purnanen over helgesson
Paul over Brugues
ganger over tveit
maybe cancado over poerschke

Anonymous said...

i guess anonymous #2 doesnt think much of the lefties. Cancado i think will take out poerscke, Paul has NO shot at Brugues, and Purnanen is gonna have to play tough to beat Helgeson, I dont see that one happening, but the upset of the first round is Puchkarov over Flores.

Anonymous said...

you have your picks i got mine, we will see tommorow who wins.

Anonymous said...

poerscke wins, Brugues wins a close one (remember he is a grinder and indoors)and Flores wins easy.

Anonymous said...

i am anonymous number 2......i think they should make betting on college tennis because i would make a living off of you guys

Anonymous said...

haha i am anonymous #2 and paul did beat brugues

Anonymous said...

Burgues and Flores go down quietly

Anonymous said...

Not suprising about Brugues and Flores. Remember -- this is *indoor* tennis. The steady baseliners are easier to beat indoors.

Anonymous said...

anonymous number #2, you got one prediction right, and thats because Brugues had to start down two breaks 3-0 because he was late for his match. As for your predictions, you went 1 out of 4!!!! hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

does tht explain him losing the second 6-0. anyways so much for the no chance,

Anonymous said...

ya, you were right on that match, after reading the story it sounds like he didnt handle adversity to well this tournament. but i dont know why you want to try to make a living on betting on college tennis when you go 1 out of 4, but just for fun make some new predictions with the updated field, tomorrow there are gonna be some pretty good matches going on. I still think Puschkarov can play the dark horse against Hizak, I'll take Rowe in a tight 3 setter, and I think i'll go with Moneke (home crowd) over Porschke.

Anonymous said...

kohlofel over kronauge
helgeson over srugo
paul over rowe
puchkarov over hizak
zumansky over shields
isner over bass

anonymous 2

Austin said...

I dont care if Brugues started up 3-0 and two breaks, he would have lost.


Kohlleffel over Kronauge
Helgeson over Srugo
Paul over Rowe
Puchkarov over Hizak
Shields over Zumansky
Isner over Bass

Kohlleffel would win this match losing no more than 3-4 games if it wasnt at OSU. Since it is I'll give Kronauge 6 games.

Bobby Reynolds went down to Donald Young yesteday 2-6,6-3,6-4

Anonymous said...

ok, enough is enough, Brugues is better than Paul, he lost to Todd, but that happens in tennis, im not comparing either of these players to Sampras or anyone of the past pros, but Sampras lost too, it happens in tennis. On any given day anyone can beat someone else. Todd Paul beat Arnau Brugues, give Paul credit, although he had a 3-0 lead to start, the fact that he was even out there playing with out a default was probably pretty upsetting for him too. Both players were likely rattled by the start of the match. I know both players very well, ive played both of them, and they are extremely good athletes and competitors, but 9 out of 10 times Brugues wins. I hope Paul does well in the remainder of the tournament, he deserves credit for beating a very good player in a very big tournament, and if he can beat a guy that good under those tough circumstances, no one can rule him out of going as far as he wants to in this event.