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Friday, October 13, 2006

Sweeting's Status

Well, I did hear from the University of Florida's Sports Information Department today, but it didn't exactly resolve the matter of Ryan Sweeting's immediate plans. Here is what I was told:

"Ryan is enrolled in school, but not on our roster. He is assessing his future options."

So nothing is official yet.

Another player who thought long and hard about the choice between college and professional tennis is Vania King. The 17-year-old decided to pass on college this summer, although the last I had heard, she wasn't signed by any sports management agency. She is, however, doing well, and today won her quarterfinal match in the WTA event in Bangkok, reaching her second semifinal of the year. She certainly has an intelligent perspective on the state of her game. Reuters has the details here .

This week's edition of Inside Junior Tennis, with me and Kevin McClure, is now available at theTennisPodcast.com


Anonymous said...

Sorry I know this is so random, but I was just wondering if anyone knew the dates of the 2007 18's & 16's claycourts yet? And are they still being held at Woodmont Country Club?

thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

USTA National Clay Court Championships - Dates: July 15-22, 2007. Tournament ID: 302700207 for additional information.

Anonymous said...

hey does anyone know the process in getting a clothing sponsorhsip , I have a son who is top 50 in the nation, 16s, and was wondering for some help

Anonymous said...

a friends of mine use to play with ryan in the same academy and he told me that it is for sure that he is pro he told me that he turn pro way before the USOPEN so he can take the 24,000 he eatn by winning a round in the open

Anonymous said...

that's not true. Sweeting played the US Open as an amateur.

Anonymous said...

Sweeting played the Open as an amateur and returned to UF immediately after losing to Rochus. He in fact travelled with not only Solomon but with the Florida assistant coach to the Open.

To the parent that was looking for a clothing sponsorship, top 50 national will get you nothing.

Anonymous said...

Sweeting withdrew from his UF classes during the Tulsa B1 ITF and is done with college and going pro...finally.

Anonymous said...

here is an idea for collette, why not ask sweeting?