Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Will Maryland Reinstate Men's Tennis? More Signing Updates

This week's announcements that both Maryland and Rutgers will join the Big Ten conference has led to discussion about the possible reinstatement of the men's tennis program at Maryland, which was dropped last year. (Rutger's dropped men's tennis back in 2006, so the cutting of that program is not as fresh in everyone's mind.) There is substantially more revenue available to these two schools now as members of the Big Ten, and all of the current members of the conference field teams in both men's and women's tennis.

This article from the Baltimore Sun suggests how painful the cuts were to the athletes in the eliminated programs, with no clear answer as to whether men's tennis and the other sports will be reinstated.

For more on Rutgers joining the conference, see this New York Times article, which says the athletic director there "sidestepped" the question of restoring the six sports eliminated along with men's tennis back in 2006.

The National Letter of Intent signing announcements have continued to pop up on school websites, and here are some of the latest that I've come across.

Alabama: Hayes Brewer, Saxon Buehning and Sean Donohue
Boise State--Brendan McClain and Abe Hewko
Duke--TJ Pura
Georgia Tech--Carlos Benito 
New Mexico--Hayden Sabatka
North Carolina--Jack Murray and Ronnie Schneider
Tennessee--Markus Kerner

Georgia Tech--Rasheeda McAdoo and Alexa Anton-Ohlmeyer
Nebraska--Brittany Brewster, Mary Hanna and Katerina Matysova
Notre Dame--Mary Closs and Monica Robinson
Ole Miss--Mai El Kamash
Rutgers--Farris Cunningham
Southern Mississippi--Alexandra Kitchen and Kathrin Waidner
UCLA--Jennifer Brady
Vanderbilt--Sydney Campbell
Wake Forest--Samantha Asch, Luisa Fernandez and Kimmy Guerin


Junior said...

Wow McClain to Boise St.! Seems like he could have gone to PAC 10 or SEC school!! Don't understand the Boise St. choice for a blue chipper

Austin said...

Maryland said ALL recently cancelled sports would be back, so yes, if they are telling the truth tennis will be back next season.

love-tennis said...

Greg Patton.