Friday, November 16, 2012

First USTA Town Hall Listening Meeting Saturday Nov. 17; NLI Signing Announcements From Around the Country

The first USTA Junior Competition Town Hall Listening meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, November 17, at the Sheraton Hotel in Reston Virginia. Lew Brewer is scheduled to speak at the Mid-Atlantic section's annual meeting and awards luncheon with the topic "Understanding the Upcoming Changes to the Junior Tournament Structure." This gives the impression that the changes are a done deal, which was not my understanding from the statement after the October Tennis Industry meeting in Chicago, but I could be misinterpreting the above title or the statement. For more, see this post from Parenting Aces.

There have been some tentative plans formulated for additional Town Hall meetings, but I must emphasize that these are not final, nor are they likely to be the only meetings the USTA will be conducting on this topic. However, in case one of these is near you, you might want to save the date, and double check for details in the upcoming days and weeks, when I expect to have a more formal announcement from the USTA.

November 24: Boys & Girls 14s National Open, Rocky Hill, CT
December 16: ITA Convention (for convention attendees only), Naples FL
December 26: 16s & 18s Winter Nationals, Scottsdale, AZ
December 27: 12s & 14s Winter Nationals, Tucson, AZ
Jan. 10-13: Southern Section annual meeting, Atlanta, GA
Feb. 15-17: Texas Section annual meeting, Grapevine, TX

Obviously, there are some major markets that can be expected to be have their own Town Hall meetings, including Florida, Southern California and the Midwest sections.

After three days, the signing announcements are starting to roll in, so I'll provide links to the ones I've found, with the names of the school and the recruits(s). Not all are for fall of 2013. Some are financial aid commitments for spring of 2013.

Florida--Diego Hidalgo, Maxx Lipman, Elliott Orkin, Josh Wardell
Florida State--Jake Albo, Grayson Goldin, Jose Gracia, Jack Haffey
LSU--Justin Butsch, Hobie Hotard, Eric Perez
Miami--Bernard Tefel
Notre Dame--Josh Hagar, Eddy Covalschi
Oklahoma--Vasile Ghilea
Texas--George Goldhoff
Texas Tech--Hugo Dojas
UCLA--Gage Brymer, Joe DiGiulio, Mackenzie McDonald
Washington--Gal Hakak
Western Michigan--Ruben Greiner

Arizona State--Kassidy Jump, Gussie O'Sullivan
Duke--Alyssa Smith
Florida--Kourtney Keegan
Michigan--Sara Remynse
New Mexico--Rachana Bhat, Dominique Dulski, Emily Olivier, Meredith Hopson
North Carolina--Hayley Carter, Jamie Loeb
Oklahoma--Morgan Chumney
South Carolina--Caroline Dailey, Brigit Folland
SMU--Anna Anderson, Macie Elliott, Mary Wright
Tennessee--Brittany Lindl
USC--Zoe Katz
Western Michigan--Meika Ashby, Tracy Kuhle


Happening again said...

Can't see the logic of having Lew Brewer speak on the subject. He is just an employee following the company line. Also, he has been known to be arrogant and uncooperative towards parents and coaches. The attendees need to be ready to ask hard questions and quote specific facts and consequences. Even then they can not be sure the feedback is going to make it to the leadership. Could be another wasted exercise.

Hoodwinked said...

Town hall listening meeting?. This is an awards banquet , complete with an agenda(see parenting aces link), where people were invited,...by the USTA, some presumedly getting awards.

By definition, a town hall meeting is a gathering where the public is invited to express ther opinions and the leaders must respond.

Delay a proper response, hand pick your audience, then do all the talking while preaching to the choir. How insulting, sleazy and just plain gross.

Tennis5 said...


Spread the word for the Town meetings, this is official.

The draw for the L3 for July 2013 has been cut from 64 to 32.

If you all recall, this was the only tournament for aging up and it is now gone.

Grunt On said...

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