Wednesday, November 7, 2012

All-American Champions Domijan and Embree Top Seeds in USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate Championships

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The draws and times are out for the USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate Championships, which begin Thursday morning at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York.

You may notice some strange times on the draws, and those are due to the weather here in New York. Three teams were unable to make it in today, all on the men's side: the Illinois doubles team of Farris Gosea and Tim Kopinski, the small college Super Bowl champion Adrien Berkowicz of Tyler Community College, and four players from Oklahoma: Guillermo Alcorta, who is in singles and doubles, and Axel Alvarez, Dane Webb and Costin Paval, who are in the doubles field.

Having suffered a flight cancellation myself today, and arriving in New York to find fog, three or more inches of heavy wet snow and slush, with winds gusting over 40 mph, I'm surprised there weren't more players unable to get to New York.

All-American finalist Julia Elbaba's absence is not related to the weather, but to injury. The University of Virginia freshman is suffering from stress trauma, not as serious as a stress fracture, but requiring rest. University of North Carolina's Whitney Kay, who was already in the doubles field, will take her place in the draw.

The Carolina regional women's doubles champions Hanna Mar and Ester Goldfeld are not in the field, with Virginia's Maci Epstein and Erin Vierra taking their place.

The men's singles seeds:
1. Alex Domijan, Virginia
2. Peter Kobelt, Ohio State
3. Matija Pecotic, Princeton
4. Henrique Cunha, Duke
5. Marcos Giron, UCLA
6. Jarmere Jenkins, Virginia
7. Nik Scholtz, Ole Miss
8. KU Singh, Georgia

The women's singles seeds:
1. Lauren Embree, Florida
2. Cristina Sanchez Quintanar, Texas A&M
3. Zoe Scandalis, USC
4. Krista Hardebeck, Stanford
5. Robin Anderson, UCLA
6. Hanna Mar, Duke
7. Mary Anne Macfarlane, Alabama
8. Lauren Herring, Georgia

The top seeding in both men's and women's doubles went to the All-American champions.

The men's doubles seeds:
1. Daniel Cochrane and Andreas Mies, Auburn
2. Henrique Cunha and Raphael Hemmeler, Duke
3. Jarmere Jenkins and Mac Styslinger, Virginia
4. Costin Paval and Dane Webb, Oklahoma

The women's doubles seeds:
1. Kaitlyn Christian and Sabrina Santamaria, USC
2. Brynn Boren and Kata Szekely, Tennessee
3. Maria Belaya and Jeltje Loomans, William and Mary
4. Melissa Kopinski and Rachel White, Illinois

Ken Thomas of RadioTennis.com will be providing free radio play-by-play of matches beginning Thursday morning.  Live scoring will also be available. See the ITA's tournament central for links to draws, times (posted on the draws) live scoring, and bios of all players.