Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Annual Post on Paying the Bills

I'm heading to Portland for the USTA juniors/college women competition today, so rather than post very late tonight, I am using this day for my annual post on the economic status of zootennis.

I made my first post on the topic in 2010, and did another last year, so if you are looking for more details, I invite you to check out those two articles.

Here are the highlights:

  • I am a freelance writer who pays my own travel expenses
  • My weekly work for the Tennis Recruiting Network continues to be an important source of income for me
  • I am not planning to charge for access to my content
  • I have both direct and indirect advertising on the site
  • Readers are encouraged to use the Tennis Warehouse and Amazon links, which provide me with a small percentage of the profit on each sale
  • I accept donations through Paypal, and am grateful that many readers take the time to show their support that way
  • I am in my eighth year of posting daily, and traveling monthly, and I want to continue to do it.

I now have two major direct advertisers in Tecnifibre and IMG Academies, and I am pleased to have had their support since the beginning of this year.  OTZ Sports has been with me as a direct advertiser for many years, and I appreciate their loyalty and commitment. Please consider clicking through their advertisements to see what products and services they offer. Having tennis-related advertising on the site is important to me, and I thank them for choosing zootennis for their advertising dollars.

For those of you who click through to advertisers, or donate, or use the Tennis Warehouse and Amazon links, thank you. Not only does it provide the funds I need to travel to these events, but it also gives me tangible evidence that what I do is valuable to you.


work-hard-tennis said...

I like how you are covering the Adidas Invitational. Thank you.

Isn't Claire Liu only 12 years old? Isn't that kind of young to prove any kind of point, playing against a 19-22 year old player? What good could come of it for the college player too?

I don't get that, but I wish them all well & hope the tournament runs smoothly.

Allison said...

Colette, I read your site daily but did not realize that linking to Amazon through Zootennis would help. I had never seen the link, and I see now it is well at the bottom of the page frankly, it is easy to miss. I do a lot of Christmas shopping through Amazon and will be sure to do it through your site this season and going forward. Good to know there is a way we can help keep you out there keeping us informed!