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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

SMASH Column, Orange Bowl Edition

My current SMASH column was posted today, and despite its length, I'm sure I've left players out who should be included.

Also wanted to pass along Charlie Bricker's recent observations from his day at the Orange Bowl last week. I had heard at the Eddie Herr that Sam Querrey was being given the Australian Open wild card--that there would be no tournament to decide its recipient as there was last year, for the men anyway. I confirmed that with Rodney Harmon, the USTA's Director of High Performance at the Orange Bowl, and mentioned it to Bricker.

Bricker also catches up with Alex Bogomolov, the two-time Kalamazoo champion, who was often seen hitting on the clay courts at Crandon Park with Devin Britton, the 16s Eddie Herr finalist, under the direction of USTA High Performance coach Francisco Montana.


Anonymous said...

hey is allie will going to get listed on your honor roll?

Colette Lewis said...

For no defensible reason other than I'm from Kalamazoo, I've limited the list to U.S. boys.

Anonymous said...

so yeah..
boyajian man
hes really something

Anonymous said...

Querrey is here in Austin working out with Roddick at a local country club. That's pretty good preparation for OZ...