Thursday, December 28, 2006

SMASH Column, Final Edition

My last On The Road with Colette column for SMASH magazine's website was posted today. Although I will continue to write for the print edition of the magazine, I've decided to discontinue the regular aces, faults and lets compilation I've been doing.

Fifty columns, the total I've written in the past year, is a nice round number to bow out on. The discipline a weekly deadline demands and the research, especially when I wasn't at a tournament, were just a couple of the many positives that accrued from the past year's experiment. A writing job that provides a small but steady income to help offset my travel expenses is not to be abandoned without serious thought. Fortunately, I've been asked by The Tennis Recruiting Network--www.tennisrecruiting.net--to increase my number of articles for them from one or two per month to four, beginning in January.

I'd like to ask the readers of zootennis what kinds of articles you would like me to write for that site. I have been doing mostly tournament wraps and recruiting profiles and am considering perhaps a monthly Smash-like column rather than the weekly one, but I am open to suggestions, as is my editor at tr.net. Please leave a comment or email me via the "Contact" section on my profile page with ideas or formats for 2007.

And thank you for reading zootennis and following the links from it to Smash and Tennis Recruiting over the past year. It's been an important part of the evolution of this blog.