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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

College News

I'm only now getting caught up on the official college tennis releases, although I heard quite a few rumors during the Eddie Herr and the early stages of the Orange Bowl.

This one I missed; Matt Brewer, who I knew had left Memphis, will be joining the Tennessee Volunteers in January. Baylor's release on Attila Bucko's January start is here, and Stanford's announcment on Alex Clayton's September 2007 commitment can be found here.

Brian Wilson, an NCAA doubles champion for Illinois in 2003, has signed on as volunteer assistant at UNLV according to this release.

And speaking of retired NCAA champions, Jeff Morrison, the singles champion in 1999 for Florida, has indeed put away the racquets, but was much in evidence at the Eddie Herr and the Orange Bowl, exploring the possibility of pursuing a career as an agent.

The ITA coaches convention begins tomorrow evening at the Doral, and I'm hoping to get over there for a few sessions. The National Team Indoor bids have been released, and the men's are listed here and the women's are here. The only schools sending both men's and women's teams (not to the same venue) are Baylor, Miami, Notre Dame, Pepperdine, Stanford and UCLA.


Anonymous said...

I thought alex clayton was going to Harvard? Does anyone know why he changed his mind? I know his brother is at Harvard. Must be a smart family.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Brewer had gone "pro", thats what was heard at the Clays. Whatsup?

Anonymous said...

I 'm surprised, Alex opted for Stanford not Harvard since his brother goes to Harvard .Could it be because of better competitions for him ? Both are obviously topnotch in academics , but just curious .
Whatever his reasons , goodluck to him , and lucky for Stanford .

Anonymous said...

It seems the Ill. guys who Tiley coached really haven't done too much on the tour. I see Wilson is quitting. Maybe all the technical stuff Tiley touted is just over rated.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I can see Morrison being an agent, he's always talking about something that seems hilarious.

You said "only" when almost half the teams are sending both men and women, :)

Matt Brewer going pro? Yikes.

On UGT we have a list going of the kids that were awesome back in the day then just dropped off the face of the earth. Anyone on here have any good names that dominated the 12's and 14's then dissappered?

These letter codes we have to type in are SOOOO long Collette. I usually get it wrong on the first try half the time, any way to make them shorter and more clear? Thanks....yep, just did it again.

Anonymous said...

What's UGT and how do I find it? I might have candidates for 12's and 14's who peaked and disappeared.
BTW I'm not getting emails from Zoo Tennis anymore. I have to type in the address, which is no big deal, but I forget when I don't see the emails. I re-signed up and everything. No luck.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

one thing i love about your comment section collette is that there is no bashing of others on here. you obviously do a good job of sorting out some of the rude and hurtful comments people must send. thank you for doing this. you allow us to voice our opinions in a constructive, non-threatening way. i wish other sites would be more thoughtful and take greater care in this regard.

Colette Lewis said...

Unfortunately, I have no control over the word verification style. I must use what Blogger provides and since I don't pay for the hosting, I'm not in a position to negotiate with them.

I've also heard from aol users that they don't even see the box, so can't leave comments, but if you would like to send them to me directly via the email in my profile, please do so and I will post it for you. You may also leave a comment requesting that I not publish it, if you would like to tell me something privately.

As for the FeedBlitz email problem, that too is aol related. For months, there has been a problem with aol not allowing any FeedBlitz emails through to their users. I don't know if it ever will get resolved.

I suggest you open another free web-based email account at yahoo, hotmail, excite, etc. and try that route.

Anonymous said...

who are the teams competing from the Central region and the Mountain region, Boise will probably win their play off, but has the central already been decided or whats the deal???

Anonymous said...

this is alex clayton. i chose stanford for a few reasons.
1.tennis is much better than harvard and considering i have only seen snow once in my life the cold weather would be miserable.
2. the academics is just as good as harvard. i feel i will do better at stanford because i will have more help from tutors and will have more cooperation from professors.
my brother was a little upset i will not be joining him but we both have cell phones and it is not a big problem