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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Game, set, touchdown: USC's success is hardly by the book: CBSsportsline.com (AP)

A Rose Bowl preview featuring Pete Carroll and the USC Trojans wouldn't normally make my daily reading list, even if the Michigan Wolverines are their opponent on Monday. (I guess I'm still in denial that U of M didn't get their rematch with the Buckeyes in the BCS title game).

But it turns out that Carroll has been a fan of a tennis book for many years, and has passed along copies of it to many of his players. Lawrence Jackson, a defensive lineman, is the player most recently influenced by W. Timothy Gallwey's The Inner Game of Tennis. I checked out the reviews on Amazon, and although it doesn't sound as revolutionary as it probably was back in the 70s, I'm guessing much of the zen-type advice continues to resonate with athletes not yet born when the book was published.