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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Orange Bowl Wrap; Brodsky vs. McHale for Australian Open Wild Card; AO Junior Acceptances

My weekly column for The Tennis Recruiting Network is a wrap of the Orange Bowl. Again, if you were unable to follow my daily coverage last week, it is a compilation of the tournament action, with an emphasis on the finals.

Christina McHale and Gail Brodsky will meet this morning in Boca Raton to decide the USTA's reciprocal agreement with Tennis Australia for a main draw women's wild card. Orange Bowl finalist McHale, 16, went undefeated in her three matches. Brodsky, 17, won her first two matches, so her loss to Muhammad in her group on Wednesday didn't have an impact on the final.

The Australian Open Junior Championship acceptances are out at the ITF Junior site. McHale is in, so if she wins the wild card, I expect she'll stick around for the juniors. Brodsky doesn't appear to have entered the juniors, because her WTA ranking of 416 would have automatically gotten her into the junior qualifying, if she had.


the old pro said...

Christina beat Gail 6-1;6-0. Christina was very impressive. She always played within herself with incredibly disciplined shot selection. She always played the most aggressive shot available but never went for shots that weren't there. A great combination of offense, neutralizing and defense.

Safinator said...

Why Britton is going to Australia in January.
Will he go to college definitely?
And Rhyne Williams, which are his programs for next year?

love-tennis said...

Wow, thanks for the update. That is just fantastic for Christina. She is really a nice girl who makes very good line calls and is quite humble. How nice to see someone like that get rewarded. I am sure that Gail is great too, I just don't know her. Kudos to both.

Austin said...

i think its safe to say Vania King is done, at least in singles.

TechGirl said...

Austin, what an incredibly stupid thing to say about a girl who is still only 19. You used to post a lot of good information but now its just bitter and sarcastic asides.

Austin said...

How is that stupid? Has she not clearly regressed over the past few years? I guess I could have said how her lack of weapons and small stature are causing her to be overwhelmed by bigger, stronger players who are able to hit her off the court, but I just figured that was common knowledge.

She is now losing to one of our juniors in a wildcard event. How on earth is this any indication of anything other than her being done in terms of a successful singles career? This isnt something that just happened overnight, this has been a trend for awhile now. 19yrs old for women, especially a woman who has been on tour for three years, is not all that young.

I will continue to root for her and hope she makes a comeback, but I tell it how it is, whether good or bad.