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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Easter Bowl Wrap; Brengle Named to Fed Cup Team; Cohen and Keys Profiles

My Easter Bowl wrap-up is this week's post for The Tennis Recruiting Network. I know it isn't always possible to read my daily updates from tournaments, so these look-backs help to sum up the tournament in one place at one time.

It was announced yesterday that Madison Brengle will be a part of the U.S. Fed Cup team facing Russia later this month in Moscow. Unfortunately, she isn't joined by Davenport, Harkelroad or either of the Williams sisters, so it will be tough going for the U.S. The News Journal has Brengle's thoughts on representing the U.S. here.
(A widely circulated AP story had Brengle as an amateur, but that was wrong, and I believe has been corrected now.)

Frequent commenter Scott sent me a link to this story from the Florida Alligator that profiles Julia Cohen, and delves into her plans for the future.

And Play Tennis Florida, a new magazine serving the members of the USTA Florida section, features this story on Eddie Herr and Orange Bowl 12s champion Madison Keys, who is on their April cover.


10sman said...

anyone see the king vs cox match? looked good

Austin said...

I just realized that UCLA is probably one Harel Srugo missed volley away from being undefeated this year. Them and Ohio State's only loss is to UVA. And they have done it without Haythem Abid who I guess has either left the team or is redshirting due to injury since he has not played at all. Could get interesting in a couple weeks.