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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thacher Commits to Stanford; Polo All-American Roundup

The top-ranked blue chip in the class of 2008, Ryan Thacher, has announced he will attend Stanford University next fall, joining Bradley Klahn, who made his verbal commitmeet to the Cardinal this summer. The Los Angeles Daily News spoke with Thacher about his choice yesterday.

My weekly post for The Tennis Recruiting Network is a synopsis of last week's Polo ITA All-American tournament. I spoke to Vince Westbrook, the director of tennis at the University of Tulsa yesterday, and he confirmed that the tournament will continue to be held there for at least the next three years.


Austin said...

Wow, Stanford could be the favorite next year with this lineup.


Yes, I am projecting Thacher to continue to develop and be a dominate college player as a freshman, Levine style.

Anonymous said...

Thacher could be a legitiment tennis pro.

Anonymous said...

1) Clayton
2) Bruch
3) Thacher
4) Wire
5) Klahn
6) Muller

That's pretty unstoppable if you ask me

Anonymous said...

How's the coaching at Stanford? You also need a great coach to produce a great team.

Anonymous said...

You need a great coach to develop players individually, not to have a great team. You need to have a great recruiter, a tradition, great academics, lots of fans and facilities like Stanford's to be a great team. Let's not confuse the two.

Anonymous said...

There have clearly been some issues at Stanford the past few years. It will be interesting to see if the personalities can mesh. Gould was a master of taking the "I" out of team. Not sure it's the same anymore.

Anonymous said...

New assistant coach Brandon Coupe will do a great job developing the talent at stanford. I expect Stanford to be competing for a national championship next year.

Anonymous said...

Great teams also need great coaches. Great team coaches can make good players better and subsequently make them into a great team. What is missing in junior tennis is the feeling of playing for a team. That spirit has the ability to take a good player and make him really good if not great. Bad coaches can make players feeling bad about their sport which can easily translate into poor performance.