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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

US Open Juniors Slide Show

Photos of all players from the U.S. who competed in the 2007 U.S. Open Junior Championships can be viewed at ustaboys.com.

This slide show features all the quarterfinalists in singles and the doubles finalists.


Austin said...

Some of the ITA college preseason rankings make no sense to me.

Also, I would love to hear from Old Dominion's men's tennis coach about how he feels toward Harel Srugo transferring to UCLA. Seems odd to me to transfer now after being there for three years. ODU currently has 4 players on its roster, haha.

Austin said...

Also, Jaak Poldma is a huge recruit for USC. Vetern of many junior grand slams.

Crucifictorious said...

Is Ashley Weinhold really the "next big hope" for American women's tennis? Thus claimed some article I saw about her loss to Sacha Jones.

Anonymous said...

"is Ashley Weinhold really the next big hope for American women's tennis"..it sure seems that way doesnt it. On one hand, it is sort of refreshing to see the USTA have such an interest in a older player, especially a female. Its nice to see "age" not being held against her. She is athletic, and she does have desire. Why not give her support to try and chase her dream? That being said, imagine all the players out there who have just as much, if not more athletic ability and desire, and are perhaps younger (or even older)..my point: Why her? And "why" Madison Brengle? What determines the USTA support? What determines the "experiment" that enabled Ashley and Madison to get top notch training, and every oppurtunity possible to enhance that with travel to ITF events, thus great experience and competition? Ashley earned her USTA wild card, and for that she should be proud, and I wish her all the best in her quest to be a PRO. Also, best of luck to all the other male and female players out there, with the same dream, but not the same support of the USTA. Does anybody else feel as I do, in that it would be cool to be a fly om the wall in those USTA selection meetings?

Anonymous said...

Jaak Poldma is no recruit for USC, he's on the roster. I thnk I also saw he's also on the selection list for the ITA tournament.