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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Alison Riske Profile; U.S. Teams Fail to Advance in Italy; ITF B1Tulsa Acceptances

At the U.S. Open, I had a chance to sit down for a few minutes with Girls 18s finalist Alison Riske to discuss her plans and to ask her about meeting Billie Jean King. The result is this article on The Tennis Recruiting Network. Riske won three matches to qualify at the $50K Pro Circuit event this week in Kentucky where she lost in the first round to fellow junior (and qualifier) Kim Couts. Riske and Julia Boserup are still in doubles, having won their first match, but won't play their second until tomorrow. I think they've had rain disrupt the schedule the past couple of days.

Speaking of rain, the Junior Davis and Fed Cups in Italy were also affected by it today, but it didn't save both U.S. teams from 2-0 losses. The Junior Davis Cup page featuring the U.S. scores is here. The Junior Fed Cup U.S. page is here.

Although the places (for 5-8, 9-16 playoffs) aren't decided in the Junior Fed Cup due to the rain, the semifinalists are, with Poland, Italy, Thailand and Australia advancing to the final four.

The Junior Davis Cup has identified only two of its last four--Australia, the only country with both teams still alive; and Brazil, who beat the U.S. The match of the day was undoubtedly Bernard Tomic of Australia vs. Giacomo Miccini of Italy, a rematch of their U.S. Open Jr. qualifying match, won 6-4. 6-2 by Miccini. Not only was the surface radically different this time, so was the score, with Tomic winning 6-3, 5-7, 13-11.

The acceptance lists for the Grade B1 in Tulsa Oct. 8-14, which I'll be attending for the first time, were updated today. I know it's a very bad time of year for a major tournament for players in regular school, but it's still a little surprising to me that the girls qualifying is only half full. And speaking of surprises, what's Mateusz Kecki doing in the qualifying? A late entry maybe? The acceptances are available on usta.com.


Anonymous said...

Disappointing to lose before they even got to where they were seeded. Frank Carleton got beat pretty soundly it looks like giving credence to the people who wondered why he was invited in the first place. Maybe in the future we need to send our best players.

Anonymous said...

frank carleton is good.. he just got beat by a clay court specialist in jose silva.. we have a good american team over there right now its just we're playing on unknown territory which is the slow red clay...

Anonymous said...

I know we have a good team over there but it is quite obviously not our best players and we Americans have to stop using the surface as an excuse for being non competitive like 6-0,6-3. Thats inexcusable and if thats the best we've got then we're in big trouble no matter what the surface.

Anonymous said...

The score that Carleton lost by is surprising. He beat the Chinese player handily who beat the Brazilian. However, Carleton has been known to play some loose matches.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how weak this B-1 is. And that is not to disparage any of the players listed. Just that past years have been filled with top players. There are hardly any foreigners coming to play here anymore. And those were great matches to watch because you didn't know everything about the player's game style ahead of time. Maybe they are in college now. And why isn't Ryan Harrison playing? He would definitely win the entire tournament. Is he injured?