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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Inside Junior Tennis Podcast; Australia vs. Cyprus

Kevin McClure and I discuss the U.S. Open Juniors in the latest Inside Junior Tennis podcast. I also did a segment on TennisLiveRadio with Todd Skovron. I'm at the very end of the September 11th broadcast.

Except for September's Aces, these two shows will close the book on the U.S. Open Juniors for 2007, but one interesting story that I ran across while I was there concerned Andrew Thomas, one of Australia's top juniors. (I'm doing a story on the Australian boys for SMASH magazine, so I'm paying a little bit more attention to that group than usual). Not only is he Australian, he also has Cypriot ancestry, and he is being pursued by Cyprus.

There are two versions of the story--one that was published during the Open by Australia's Herald Sun, and one that came out this weekend from the Cyprus Mail. If nothing else, it is further evidence that Craig Tiley is willing to let the chips fall where they may if a player doesn't adhere to Tennis Australia's prescribed path.


AndrewD said...


It's just par for the course when you live in a country where so many people are only one generation removed from the ties of another nation. Chris Guccione was sounded out by Italy, Wally Masur by England, Jelena Dokic by Serbia, Bernard Tomic by Croatia and now Andrew Thomas is chased by Cyprus.