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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Interview with USTA Collegiate Coach Brad Stine; Qualifying Complete at ITA All-American Championships, Main Draw Starts Thursday

I've talked to Brad Stine often in the past decade, as he often was at junior tournaments as a personal coach. He was hired last fall as a USTA National Coach, and has recently been added to Player Development's National Collegiate department, to assist Stephen Amritraj.  I spoke with Stine about his new position, his background in coaching, why he thinks playing college tennis is never a bad choice and the five keys to making the step to the professional tennis tour, in this interview for the Tennis Recruiting Network.

The main draw of the men's and women's ITA All-American Championships begin Thursday, with qualifying completed today.

The 16 qualifiers for the 64-draw men's tournament in Tulsa(qualifying seed number in brackets)
Marko Krickovic, Auburn[16]
Walker Duncan, Georgia
William Bushamuka, Kentucky[25-32]
Jordan Angus, San Diego
Trevor Johnson, TCU
Konrad Zieba, Northwestern
Chase Perez-Blanco, Florida[17-24]
Constantin Schmitz, Tulane
Huge Di Feo, Ohio State
Robert Kelly, North Carolina
Christian Seraphim, Wake Forest
Edoardo Tessaro, Virginia Tech
Hendrik Jebens, San Diego State
Alfredo Perez, Florida
Max de Vroome, Southern Cal[5]
Joao Monteiro, Virginia Tech[12]

Duncan, Di Feo and Perez are the freshman who qualified, with Perez coming through pre-qualifying, meaning he has already won seven matches in the past five days.  Virginia Tech and Florida are the two schools with more than one qualifier.

The men's seeds:
1. Quentin Monaghan, Notre Dame
2. Nicolas Alvarez, Duke
3. Thai Kwiatkowski, Virginia
4. Dominik Koepfer, Tulane
5. Romain Bogaerts, Wake Forest
6. Roberto Cid, South Florida
7. Ronnie Schneider, North Carolina
8. Wayne Montgomery, Georgia
Tom Fawcett, Stanford
Andre Goransson, Cal
Christopher Eubanks, Georgia Tech
Dovydas Sakinis, Dartmouth
Or Ram-Harel, Tulsa
Austin Smith, Georgia
Felipe Soares, Texas Tech
Benjamin Lock, Florida State

Austin Smith and Ben Wagland of Georgia are the top seeds in doubles, with Hugo Dojas and Felipe Soares the No. 2 seeds.

Draws and results, as well as links to live scoring can be found at the ITA's tournament page.  Live streaming is also expected to be up and running for the main draw, which begins at 9 a.m. central time Thursday.

Additional information on the tournament can be found at College Tennis Today.

At the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California, the women will also begin their All-American tournament, which is a 32-player draw.  The pre-qualifying and qualifying are 64-player draws, so it's still a grind, with this year's Iron Woman award going to Pepperdine freshman Luisa Stefani, who has won six matches since Saturday. She's made it a bit easier on herself by winning them all in straight sets.  Stefani's regular doubles partner on the ITF junior circuit this year, Francesca Di Lorenzo, was not seeded in qualifying despite being No. 1 in the Newcomer list, but she is the other freshman to advance to the main draw.

The women's qualifiers:
Luisa Stefani, Pepperdine
Francesca Di Lorenzo, Ohio State
Ellen Perez, Georgia[6]
Frances Altick, Vanderbilt
Jasmine Lee, Mississippi State[1]
Belinda Woolcock, Florida[8]
Lexi Borr, Boston College
Breaunna Addison, Texas

The women's seeds:
1. Brooke Austin, Florida
2. Julia Elbaba, Virginia
3. Maegan Manasse, Cal
4. Josie Kuhlman, Florida
5. Stephanie Wagner, Miami
6. Sydney Campbell, Vanderbilt
7. Danielle Collins, Virginia
8. Hayley Carter, North Carolina

The top two seeds in the doubles are Brooke Austin and Kourtney Keegan of Florida and Maegan Manasse and Denise Starr of Cal.

See the ITA tournament page for draws and past results. In the past, the tournament has not provide live scoring or streaming.


Just Saying said...

Amazing that the ITA is so concerned with Fan Friendly No-Ad scoring yet it cannot produce a Fan Friendly Live Stream of the Tulsa event.

Glad all those fans in the stands can watch

Just Saying said...

Sorry, spoke to soon before I realized there was a delay to redo the Main draw. My fault

fan said...

WAATC has been using 8 gms from Q, when they used 2 sets last yr. They played full 3 sets before, now it's match TB in lieu of 3rd from semis. No other explanation: there's a blatant and systematic attempt to emasculate dbls right now. In the name of attracting fans, no less.And no one is standing up against this outrage: SO sad.

fan said...

No ad totally ruined Di Lorenzo vs Capra match. Trice saved 3 mps serving, still faced mp because of no ad: lost making an error. Such an anti climax.

fan said...

ITA should explain about this scandal and chicanery. Is this another project of theirs to 'grow' the game? To phase out dbls, which is a fan favorite? Defies logic. Are college players so weak that they can't even play 2 sets, let alone full best of 3 sets dbls match? This is All American, a college Slam, for God's sake!!! What's wrong with these people?

fan said...

ITA's message to the general public is this: college Div.I players are SO weak and fragile, that they can't even handle 2 sets dbls match. This is when they're already employing no ad in singles and doubles to eliminate the grinding lol. They doth cuddle the players too much! Hilarious. Such a great way to advertise the game and 'grow' it! I'm in awe, speechless, etc.