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Monday, October 26, 2015

I'm on Vacation, but ZooTennis Isn't

Tennis always struggles with the "How can I miss you if you never leave?" problem, with such a short offseason.  Junior tennis has an even shorter (or virtually nonexistent) offseason, and in a few weeks, I'll be embarking on my late-November and December trek to Florida for the Eddie Herr, Orange Bowl and Junior Orange Bowl tournaments.

But after more than ten years of not taking more than a few days off during the year, I'm going on a real vacation, one which does not involve tennis.  I am taking my computer and my phone, but I plan on a break from my usual daily routine of monitoring results and watching live scoring/streams (or, of course, covering a tournament onsite), so I won't be posting on Zootennis.

That doesn't mean Zootennis will go dark however.

Bobby Knight of College Tennis Today has a post coming here on Wednesday, providing his suggestions on how college tennis can raise its profile and popularity, with athletic departments, the ITA/USTA/NCAA and fans all having roles to play.

On Friday, I will have a link to my Tennis Recruiting Network article on blue chip Zeke Clark's commitment.

And Jonathan Kelley of On The Rise Tennis will have a three-part post on the Kalamazoo 16s, with thoughts from college coaches, the four 2015 semifinalists, and two junior development coaches, beginning on Saturday.

Bobby and Jonathan are two dedicated and passionate members of the tennis media who have contributed much to my knowledge and appreciation of the game in the past several years, and I'm delighted they took the time to contribute to Zootennis.com.

Bobby is in the midst of the final few days of the Division I Regionals, so please check his site for all the latest on the winners, and who will be competing in the USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate Championships in New York next month.

I'll be back to my regular daily posting schedule next Tuesday.


BigTime said...

Well-earned respite, Colette, though a bit brief for as much as you do. Enjoy it!

Jimmy B said...

I see that View of the Ocean on a daily basis….…..Welcome to Paradise….Enjoy your R & R….

NCAA said...

Amateur competition is a bedrock principle of college athletics and the NCAA.