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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Virginia's Jenkins Named ACC Male Athlete of the Year; Other College News and Notes

It's no secret that men's football and basketball dominate the college sports landscape, but men's tennis players have made names for themselves recently with major post-season accolades.  Back in 2011, JP Smith, an eight-time All-American at Tennessee, beat out Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton of Auburn as SEC Male Athlete of the Year, and this year Virginia's Jarmere Jenkins, the 2013 NCAA doubles champion and singles finalist and ITA Player of the Year, has received the ACC's male athlete of the year award. The only other winner with tennis accomplishments is John Lucas, who excelled at both basketball and tennis at Maryland.

For more on Jenkins' honor, see the Virginia website.

That's just one of the many college news items that have surfaced in the past few weeks. I'm passing along links to others below. If you have other college news, please add in the comments.

Men's Tennis:

Former top junior Nikko Madregallejo has signed with Alabama.

Luke Shields replaces his brother Clancy as assistant coach at Boise State.

Luke Johnson is transferring from Florida to Clemson.

Marco Nunez is transferring from Georgia to Florida State.

Chris Doerr is the new assistant at Memphis.

Mark Finnegan, the previous Memphis assistant, is now head coach at the University of North Florida.

Former women's coach at Auburn, Tim Gray, is the new men's head coach at Bradley.

Women's Tennis:

Matt Tyler has been named head coach at Bradley.

Sadhaf Pervez has been named head coach at Drake.

Florida has signed two recruits from Australia.

Georgia Tech has added a recruit from South Africa.

Maria Fuccillo is the new assistant at George Washington.

Rick Mortera is returning to Illinois as assistant coach.

Aaron Fuller is the new assistant at Kansas.

2013 NCAA singles finalist Mary Weatherholt will be the volunteer assistant at Memphis.

2009 NCAA singles finalist Laura Vallverdu has been named assistant coach at Miami.

Catrina Thompson is the new assistant at Notre Dame.

Emily Fraser is the new assistant at Pittsburgh.

Hayden Perez has left Nebraska and has taken the assistant's position at Texas Tech.

In facility news, the Oklahoma State tennis center is under construction, and Nebraska has approved a plan for a new tennis and soccer complex.


Jim said...

Jasmine Minor has left GT for Oregon. Caroline Lilley is the assistant womens coach at Gonzaga.

Another Gator said...

Nestor Briceno is the new Men's Assistant at University of Arkansas under Andy Jackson.

Coach said...

Kriese to Citadel?


Seppe said...


Amazing said...

Seppe, what's amazing? Kriese at the Citadel or Jenkins as male athlete of the year. If its Kriese, he's perfect for a disciplined school like the Citadel... If its Jenkins, its the politically correct world we live in... Probably 3rd best and possibly 4th best on his team on a given day yet athlete of the year!!!

Russ said...

You got to be kidding me about Jenkins! Fourth best? He was the horse that carried Virginia to its first title, carried styslinger to a ncaa doubles title, and the second best player to blaz rola in college. Who do you have in mind that's a better choice?

Brent said...

Amazing, not a surprise that you aren't willing to put a real name behind a comment so ridiculous. Yes, Virginia was stacked. He shouldn't be penalized for that. He had a great year and brought it when it counted most, including almost pulling off the triple title.