Sunday, July 28, 2013

Brymer, Kumar Named No. 1 Seeds at Kalamazoo

Overlooking the courts at Stowe Stadium, Kalamazoo College

The seeds for the USTA Boys 16 and 18 National Championships at Kalamazoo have been announced.

Boys 18s:
1.   Gage Brymer
2.   Noah Rubin
3.   Stefan Kozlov
4.   Connor Farren
5.   Ernesto Escobedo
6.   Luca Corinteli
7.   Martin Redlicki
8.   Michael Mmoh
9.   Mackenzie McDonald
10.  Daniel Kerznerman
11.  Eliot Orkin
12.  Mitch Stewart
13.  Henrik Wiersholm
14.  Jared Donaldson
15.  Ronnie Schneider
16.  David Hsu
17.  Henry Craig
18.  Thomas Fawcett
19.  William Little
20.  William Griffith
21.  George Goldhoff
22.  Thomas Mayronne
23.  Alexandru Gozun
24.  John Mee
25.  Deiton Baughman
26.  Robby Bellamy
27.  Trey Yates
28.  Chase Perez-Blanco
29.  Roy Lederman
30.  Stephen Watson
31.  Logan Smith
32.  Quentin Monaghan

Boys 16s:
1.   Sameer Kumar
2.   Francis Tiafoe
3.   Tommy Paul
4.   Jake DeVine
5.   Taylor Fritz
6.   Catalin Mateas
7.   Kalman Boyd
8.   Kyle Seelig
9.   Reilly Opelka
10.  Alex Rybakov
11.  Alexander Lebedev
12.  Chase Colton
13.  Emil Reinberg
14.  Jordi Arconada
15.  Victor Pham
16.  Alfredo Perez
17.  William Blumberg
18.  Grayson Broadus
19.  Daniel Grunberger
20.  Robert Levine
21.  Nathan Ponwith
22.  Connor Hance
23.  Cameron Klinger
24.  Zeke Clark
25.  Vincent Lin
26.  Daniel Gealer
27.  Alex Knight
28.  Johnathan Small
29.  Martin Joyce
30.  Henry Gordon
31.  Michael Lorenzini
32.  Adrian Chamdani

The draws should be up Monday at the tournament website, ustaboys.com.



So Cal said...

Some early reaction to the seeds from players

Deiton Baughman
about an hour ago via mobile

USTA seeding selection ceases to amaze me — with George Goldhoff.

Trey white said...

Brymer #1 seed lol!! The kids scared to play a future. Didn't Rubin just get to a final of a future (beat one of best college players 3 and 3)? Who has Gage beaten??Doesn't matter truth will come out in a few weeks

Todd Smith said...

It seems the USTA put Gage at #1 to put less pressure on their own players like Kozlov. Gage did win Easter Bowl when all the juniors were entered but he never beat any of the top players and that was only one tournament.

I cannot believe Ronnie Schneider was seeded that low. He got to the quarter finals last year at Kalamazoo 18s and was #1 ranked in USTA Boys 18s. Baffling!!

The truth will come out in a few weeks. I have a feeling the seeding committee will hear alot of "I told you so"

Too Early said...

Ronnie Schneider and Noah Rubin are in the same Round of 16? SHAME

2 of the best 4 players in the tournament are in same small section.

That is not good for the tournament.


Brent said...

KZoo 18s predictions (post 1 of 3)...

(1)Brymer over Whitehurst
Ponwith over Amari
(18)Fawcett over Crystal
Hublitz over Barrus
(9)McDonald over Di Giulio
Phillips over Garay
(23)Gozun over Sprecher
Daniel over Pham
(5)Escobedo over Nishimura
Massa over Hamilton
Goldin over (27)Yates
Arem over Donovan
(13)Wiersholm over Nardella
Corwin over Ge
(30)Watson over Dempster
Zykov over Bradley
(3) Kozlov over Lu
Shropshire over Kay
(19)Little over Vrabel
Riechmann over Roper
(11)Orkin over Johnson
Newman over Crocker
Langmo over (21)Goldhoff
Alda over Corwin
(8)Mmoh over Dube
Stefanik over Zordani
(25)Baughman over Clark
Oosterbaan over Altamirano
(16)Hsu over Lovett
Doehler over Bal
(32)Monaghan over Edwards
Duncan over Leung
Sundaram over Landert
(17)Craig over Wardell
Menichella over Steryous
(10)Kerzernman over Eubanks
Murray over Tullis
(22)Mayronne over Guber
Goldberg over Hamanaka
(6)Corinteli over Dunbar
O’Keefe over Mendez
(26)Bellamy over Drake
Whitehurst over Sutter
(14)Donaldson over Hadavi
Fliegner over Gracia
(29)Lederman over Solomon
Gonzalez over Shewalter
(4)Farren over Nava
Rechan over Spratt
Aragone over (20)Griffith
Garcia over Koenen
(12)Stewart over Hiltzik
Silverstein over Mahlangu
Staggs over (24)Mee
Wilczynski over McLean
(7)Redlicki over Kessler
Belga over Pura
(28)Perez-Blanco over Carswell
Tso over Fisher
(15)Schneider over Kircheimer
Beltrame over Forman
(31)Smith over Lipman
Curry over Nguyen
(2)Rubin over Chiu

MATCH OF THE ROUND – A number of good ones but would have to go with future teammates (9)McDonald vs. Di Giulio over (5)Escobedo/Nishimura, Golden/(27)Yates, Langmo/(21)Goldhoff, (26)Bellamy/Drake, (14)Donaldson/Hadavi, (29)Lederman/Solomon, Aragone/(20)Griffith, (12)Stewart/Hiltzik, Staggs/(24)Mee, Belga/Pura, (15)Schneider/Kircheimer, or (31)Smith/Lipman.

Brent said...

KZoo 18s predictions (post 2 of 3)...

(1)Brymer over Ponwith
(18)Fawcett over Hublitz
(9)McDonald over Phillips
(23)Gozun over Daniel
(5)Escobedo over Massa
Goldin over Arem
(13)Wiersholm over Corwin
(30)Watson over Zykov
(3)Kozlov over Shropshire
(19)Little over Reichmann
Newman over (11)Orkin
Langmo over Alda
(8)Mmoh over Stefanik
Oosterbaan over (25)Baughman
(16)Hsu over Doehler
(32)Monaghan over Duncan
(17)Craig over Sundaram
(10)Kerznerman over Menichella
Murray over (22)Mayronne
(6)Corinteli over Goldberg
(26)Bellamy over O’Keefe
(14)Donaldson over Whitehurst
(29)Lederman over Fleigner
(4)Farren over Gonzalez
Aragone over Rechan
(12)Stewart over Garcia
Staggs over Silverstein
(7)Redlicki over Wilczynski
Belga over (28)Perez-Blanco
(15)Schneider over Tso
(31)Smith over Beltrame
(2) Rubin over Curry

MATCH OF THE ROUND – Actually less great matchups than the prior round but would have to go with hometown favorite Oosterbaan vs. (25)Baughman over (23)Gozun/Daniel, Newman/(11)Orkin, Murray/(22)Mayronne, (12)Stewart/Garcia, (7)Redlicki/Wilczynski, Belga/(28)Perez-Blanco, or (31)Smith/Beltrame.

(1)Brymer over (18)Fawcett
(9)McDonald over (23)Gozun
(5)Escobedo over Goldin
(13)Wiersholm over (30)Watson
(3)Kozlov over (19)Little
Langmo over Newman
Oosterbaan over (8)Mmoh
(32)Monaghan over (16)Hsu
(10)Kerznerman over (17)Craig
(6)Corinteli over Murray
(26)Bellamy over (14)Donaldson
(29)Lederman over (4)Farren
Aragone over (12)Stewart
(7)Redlicki over Staggs
(15)Schneider over Belga
(2)Rubin over (31)Smith

MATCH OF THE ROUND – First time seeds start to match up so obviously a number of great matchups across the board. Would have to go with (29) Lederman vs. (4) Farren over (9)McDonald/(23)Gozun, (13)Wiersholm/(30)Watson, or Aragone/(12)Stewart as ones that I would be most excited to watch.

Brent said...

KZoo 18s predictions (post 3 of 3)...

(9)McDonald over (1)Brymer
(13)Wiersholm over (5)Escobedo
(3)Kozlov over Langmo
Oosterbaan over (32)Monaghan
(10)Kerznerman over (6)Corinteli
(29)Lederman over (26)Bellamy
Aragone over (7)Redlicki
(15)Schneider over (2)Rubin

MATCH OF THE ROUND – The (15)Schneider/(2) Rubin showdown stands out. Really too bad they are playing this early. Flip side is that (15)Schneider signed up for the tough draw a little bit by not playing more USTA events (had he aged out of ITF events this year?).

(9)McDonald over (13)Wiersholm
(3)Kozlov over Oosterbaan
(10)Kerznerman over (29)Lederman
(15)Schneider over Aragone

MATCH OF THE ROUND – (9)McDonald vs. (13) Wiersholm would be the pick here.

(3)Kozlov over (9)McDonald
(15)Schneider over (10)Kerznerman

(3)Kozlov over (15)Schneider

As I look at this, could see it playing out with a lot of upsets. It really is a bummer that some of these other top guys have not played each other more recently. Hard to get a read on how it will all pan out. More questions than answers - Can Brymer continue the string of close victories against top players that he had going this spring? If Kozlov is forced to play a series of long matches, will he hold up physically? Will Rubin continue his momentum from last week's Futures final performance?

Going to be fun to see how it all pans out. Interested in others' views.

Mark - Midwest said...


I am in support of most of your predictions. I do not see Kozlov beating McDonald and Schneider back-to-back. The Rubin/Schneider match is a tragedy they are in the same round of 16, as is McDonald/Brymer. What is the seeding committee doing?

I believe Corniteli will beat Kerznerman. And Mmoh will be Oosterbaan. Mmoh will like the challenge in front of oosterbaan's home crowd. Mmoh will go down in quarters.

Rubin, Kozlov, McDonald, Schneider are the best players in the draw.

What is the over/under on the amount of backdraw pullouts this year - 15?

I will take Schneider over Kozlov in the finals in 4 sets.

Eeyore said...

This is a very weak field this year. None of the players show much sustained success. Yes, Rubin played a Futures, but it was a very weak draw throughout. He had a poor Grand Slam record for the year and has proven he can't sustain consistency in matches, especially when playing his own age groups. Brymer will see his dreams evaporate by the third round. I predict an unseeded player winning this year.

Unknown said...
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I Like D Tennis said...

I completely agree with the deleted comment that said Rubin would be Schneider. That's my bet.

Also, I'm baffled you guys think McDonald will go so far! He hasn't done a thing in over a year. No impressive results since last spring. I'll be surprised to see him live up to his seed, let alone beat Brymer, even if Brymer's an overrated number 1 seed.

I want to say Kozlov will take it all because he's got the most talent, but him cramping not once but TWO times this summer has me worried. after 5-6 matches in a row, he could be very prone to an upset due to being exhausted. Instead of having Schneider beat Rubin and make the finals, i'll predict Rubin wins out and beats a tired Kozlov in the finals. I hope to see those two in the finals with kozlov winning though. Out of everyone, I'd be most interested to see him get the US Open wildcard.

Finally, Eeyore, I think you're crazy. No offense. Please name one unseeded player you think can upset everyone and take it all... And Rubin broke his wrist this year and didn't play tournaments until April. Plus his draws weren't kind in the Jr. Grand Slams. I wouldn't read as much into those results as I would into the most recent Futures tournament.