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Friday, July 26, 2013

Girls 18s Clay Court Recap, Slideshow, Videos

The Tennis Recruiting Network completes in coverage of the USTA Clay Courts this week with my recap of the Girls 18s in Memphis. Make sure you go back through the last four days of articles on all eight of the gold ball tournaments.

I conclude my coverage of the Clays with a slideshow and short videos of both finalists below.


Eeyore said...

Your video makes it look more like a girl's 12s match instead of 18s.

Brent said...

KZoo 18s seed predictions. Bummer news on Papa and Kwiatkowski. I am assuming this based on the top 1000 ATP, top 150 ITF, and then USTA ranking guidance. Also, assuming that Rubin will move into the top 1000 and above Farren with this week's results and that will be before the cutoff. Given all that, looks like the following....

1. Noah Rubin
2. Connor Farren
3. Ernesto Escobedo
4. Stefan Kozlov
5. Luca Corinteli
6. Martin Redlicki
7. Michael Mmoh
8. Mackenzie McDonald
9. Daniel Kerznerman
10. Henrik Wiersholm
11. Gage Brymer
12. Elliott Orkin
13. Mitch Stewart
14. David Hsu
15. Henry Craig
16. Thomas Fawcett
17. Will Showers
18. William Little
19. William Griffith
20. George Goldhoff
21. Thomas Mayronne
22. Alexandru Gozun
23. John Mee
24. Deiton Baughman
25. Robbie Bellamy
26. Ronnie Schneider
27. Trey Yates
28. Chase Perez-Blanco
29. Roy Lederman
30. Stephen Watson
31. Logan Smith
32. David Wilczynski

By the rankings, there are 5 other players that would have been seeded. Papa and Kwiatkowski out with injury, Tiafoe playing 16s, and Uspensky and Zlobinsky not in te draw.

It seems like there are less college guys coming back then there have been in the past few years (i.e. Novikov, Bangoura, etc.) but maybe there are a couple guys I'm not thinking of.

Assuming the above, this would leave a number of dangerous floaters including...

Jared Donaldson
JC Aragone
Christian Langmo
Sebastian Beltrame
Logan Staggs
Jack Murray
Aron Hiltzik
Joseph Di Giulio
AJ Catanzariti
Baker Newman
Paul Oosterbaan
Grant Solomon
Strong Kirchmeier
Jordan Belga

Should be fun. Looking forward to it.

Colette Lewis said...

Showers is not in the field. The Friend at Court says that ATP Top 1000 and ITF Top 100 "may be considered for seeding."

tennisfan18 said...


Novikov and Bangoura are both to old to play Kalamazoo this year, Im sure Novikov would have loved to come back and win Kzoo again if he could for a WC into the Main draw of the US Open again haha. But honestly looking at the acceptance list, I can't see one player in here that if they win Kzoo will be able to even put up a fight with any player at the open, do you disagree?

Jimmy Travis said...

I am aware there is a protocol to the seedings but you also want to do things fairly. Kalamazoo typically does seedings based on strength of the player, making sure the players are in the correct seeding bracket (1-4, 5-8, 9-16, 17-32).

There are several floaters, like Mackie McDonald and Ronnie Schnieder whose has been #1 in the country in the 18s.

I hope Ronnie Schneider is seeded alot higher than 17-32. You have to put him minimum in Top 16, but deserves Top 8. (I would replace him with Mmoh). And if I were a Top 4 seed, I do not want Mackie McDonald in my quarter-final.

There are always players left out of the seedings that should have been and players that are seeded that should not be - this year will be no different.

Be careful of an unseeded Jared Donaldson and Maxx Lipman.

New York said...

I think Noah Rubin is the only one to have a prayer and most importantly, believes he can win one match at the US Open this year. Stefan Kozlov has the ability but not this year, too physically weak for a Men's 3main draw out of 5 set match.

This is definitely one of the weakest fields in terms of depth and quality of players Kalamazoo 18s has had in a very long time.

russ said...

I think you underestimate the quality of this group. I believe that Rubin, Escobedo, and Kozlov are super talents. Redlicki, McDonald and Wiersholm are pretty darn good with lots of upside. I've seen Goldhoff play and he hits a pretty darn good ball with a lot of intense commitment. Schneider is going to be a force for North Carolina. There are a few other names I recognize from the Futures who have posted pretty good results and picked up some points. A number of them are still pretty young and could play Kalamazoo for two, three more years. It's sort of like the NFL draft, you can't tell who the winners and losers are until five years down the road.

Brent said...

I know that Novikov and Bangoura are too old. I was using them as examples of players who have already started college tennis who could still come back to KZoo but wouldn't show up in the rankings. Couldn't think of any notable examples like that this year. If I were seeding away from any formula, but just based on my personal view of best chances of winning, I would seed it something like....

1. Stefan Kozlov
2. Noah Rubin
3. Ronnie Schneider
4. Gage Brymer
5. Mackenzie McDonald
6. Connor Farren
7. Luca Corinteli
8. Henrik Wiersholm
9. Ernesto Escobedo
10. Martin Redlicki
11. Jared Donaldson
12. Michael Mmoh
13. JC Aragone
14. Daniel Kerznerman
15. Mitch Stewart
16. George Goldhoff
17. Deiton Baughman
18. Alex Gozun
19. Paul Oosterbaan
20. Grant Solomon
21. Henry Craig
22. Thomas Fawcett
23. Elliott Orkin
24. David Hsu
25. William Little
26. Roy Lederman
27. Stephen Watson
28. Joseph Di Guilio
29. William Griffith
30. Robbie Bellamy
31. John Mee
32. Thomas Mayronne

Jimmy Travis said...


I really like your list. I would want to make sure the Top 16 seeds have the best 16 players in the draw and I believe that you do. If I were doing the seedings, here would be my list. There is not a perfect seeding list this year but the seeding groups have to be correct. Anxious to see what the seeding committee comes up with. Seedings should come out anyway now. Maybe they will use one of our lists? Lets see who is closest in Top 16.

1. Noah Rubin
2. Stefan Kozlov
3. Connor Farren
4. Ernesto Escobedo
5. Gage Brymer
6. Ronnie Schneider
7. Mackenzie McDonald
8. Luca Corinteli
9. Henrik Wiersholm
10. Martin Redlicki
11. Jared Donaldson
12. Michael Mmoh
13. JC Aragone
14. Daniel Kerznerman
15. Mitch Stewart
16. George Goldhoff

Jim said...


It's not the videographers fault. It is basically a girls 12 match