Monday, October 22, 2012

USTA Agrees to Delay Junior Competition Changes Scheduled for 2013; Town Meetings Planned

This morning, after the Sunday meeting in Chicago, a statement from the USTA regarding the changes in the upcoming Junior Competition Schedule was released.

"It was agreed there will be no changes to the National Junior Competition Schedule for 2013. In addition, it was agreed between now and mid-March there will be a series of transparent and inclusive "Town Hall Listening Meetings" at which industry representatives, parents, coaches, players, tournament directors, USTA representatives and other interested parties will discuss, and explore refinements to, the Junior Competition Schedule for 2014 and beyond."

For more on the meeting, please go to this post at Tennis Insiders.


George said...

There were no scheduled changes for 2013.

Colette Lewis said...

Agree there weren't many, but 192 draws to 128 at Clays and Hard Courts in 16s and 18s was a major one scheduled for 2013.

George said...

Collette, I don't think the change you describe was scheduled until 2014 either.

Colette Lewis said...

@George: From the USTA document, under heading entitled Two-Year Phase In:

Effective January 1, 2013:

The Boys' and Girls' 18 and 16 USTA National Clay Court Championships and The USTA National Championships (hard courts) shall be reduced to a 128 draw size.

George said...

Yes Collette, you are correct. Thanks.

ER said...

What about the 2013 Winternationals ? Do you know if they are they on or off ?

Unknown said...

Winter National Championships were always on for 2013.