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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Selections Announced for Next Week's USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate Championships

Once the regionals were completed earlier this month, most of the 32 places in the USTA/ITA Indoor Intercollegiate Championships were spoken for, with just the wild cards and at-large entries to be named.
The names of those players were released today by the ITA, with the exception of host school Columbia's men's wild cards in singles and doubles.

The 2 ITA men's wild cards:

Henrique Cunha, Duke
Sebastian Fanselow, Pepperdine

The 1 USTA men's wild card:

Jarmere Jenkins, Virginia

There are nine at-large players, due to Peter Kobelt and Matija Pecotic, who reached the quarterfinals at the All-Americans, also winning their regionals, and Emilio Gomez, another All-American quarterfinalist, withdrawing. All nine reached the final of their regionals, as required by the selection criteria.

The at-large men:

Romain Bogaerts, Mississippi State
John Lamble, Santa Clara
Julian Lenz, Baylor
Mikelis Libietis, Tennessee
Dennis Mkrtchian, UCLA
Cameron Silverman, Elon
Vlad Stefan, Michigan
Leandro Toledo, Minnesota
Victor Valente, Georgia State

In the doubles, the two at-large berths went to Costin Paval/Dane Webb of Oklahoma and Moritz Buerchner/Norbert Nemcsek of North Florida. The one USTA wild card was given to Virginia's Alex Domijan/Harrison Richmond.

The women have slightly different criteria.

The 1 ITA women's wild card:

Gina Suarez-Malaguti, North Carolina

The 2 USTA women's wild cards:

Danielle Collins, Florida
Katie Le, Santa Clara

The 1 host school wild card:

Nicole Bartnik, Columbia

Six of the at-large positions go to regional finalists:

Brynn Boren, Tennessee
Zoe DeBruycker, North Carolina
Sofie Oyen, Florida
Caroline Rohde-Moe, Ole Miss
Sabrina Santamaria, Southern Cal
Anett Schutting, Cal

Four at-large positions went to players who reached at least the quarterfinals of the All-American or their Regional:

Natalie Beazant, Rice
Maho Kowase, Georgia
Zsofi Susanyi, Cal
Abigail Tere-Apisah, Georgia State

Although there are only two at-large berths in the women's doubles, there ended up being three teams who received entry that way, because All-American finalists Hanna Mar and Beatrice Capra are not playing. Mar won the regionals with Ester Goldfeld and so she will be in the draw.  The three at-large teams, who must have reached their regional semifinals, are Robin Anderson/Pamela Montez of UCLA, Gabriella DeSimone/Zoe Scandalis of Southern Cal and Stephanie Nauta/Li Xi of Virginia.

The USTA wild card went to Ashley Dai/Whitney Kay of North Carolina and the host wild card to Bianca Sanon/Tiana Takenaga of Columbia.

For the complete list of participants for the tournament, which begins next Thursday in New York, see the ITA website.

And a tip of the hat to the ITA and USTA staff, who have managed to keep all the information flowing despite the major inconveniences caused by Sandy.


Ross Greenstein said...

I hope you do a story on our client Cam Silverman. It shows that 5 star Americans can play at non BCS schools and become one of the best in college tennis. So happy for him and Elon.

tennisforlife said...

Ross - Zootennis is not the forum to promote your recruiting service. Cameron is a great kid who had a great tournament and a career win against Cunha. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here - His college record so far is solid but not spectacular - i think you do him a disservice describing him as one of the best in college tennis and ...."your client" - where do you see his current ranking?

tennisforlife said...

Collette - as an aside - I'm struggling to post comments these days with robot stuff - maybe its my advancing age but its taking me a lot more tries to get my comment accepted - maybe see if you can ease up on the robot proving stuff!

Colette Lewis said...

I don't have any control over the spam prevention system in use, unfortunately. I agree that it's frustrating, and when I post on other sites I often have to refresh many times until I can get a sequence I can understand. I still get spam comments however, so someone has figured it out.

Ross Greenstein said...

@tennisforlife Why so negative? You see a lot of kids from non BCS schools beating the number 1 ranked player in college tennis? You see a lot of Americans that were not blue chip players in juniors beating top 25 ranked college players? Since when were the college ranking very accurate anyway especially in the fall. The guy made it to one of the most prestigious events in college tennis and you have to knock his college record and ranking.

My company is not a recruiting service it is a consulting company.

Stop hating..Who are you anyway?

US Tennis said...

Easy Ross

You are not doing much help for your business the way you are acting - I certainly would not hire you - customer service and people skills apparently are not your companies top priorities.

Congratulations on your client but I agree with tennisforlife - if you have to beg for publicity then you need to do a better job.

Great results on the Pro Circuit in Charlottesville - Not surprised with Donald Young losing - amazing Illong Young is still with him. Impressive win for Jack Sock over Jessie Levine - especially indoors - but what is great is ALL of the college players doing so well - Steve Johnson, Rhyne Williams, Bradley Klahn, Tennys Sandgren, Austin Krajicek. 16 of the 32 singles main draw are filled with college players!

Teddy Bear said...

Sounds like someone needs a "Tennis Group Hug"
xxx ooo :)

Frank said...

What are the chances that the tournament will be canceled, postponed or have a change in venue in light of Hurricane Sandy?

Colette Lewis said...

I understand from the tournament referee that the site is fine and the Indoor will proceed as scheduled.

NY Tennis said...

To back Ross Greenstein up, Silverman barely lost to Giron, then beat Ashok handily, then lost...Had Giron...I've seen the kid play, he just won another tournament over the holidays. The Mens National Indoors at The National Tennis Center as well giving him a wildcard in to the main draw of a mens future. He took down Haig Schneiderman the number one from Columbia last year pretty routinely who beat Chase Buchanan last year, then he also beat the assistant coach of princeton in the finals..