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Friday, October 5, 2012

Update on USTA Junior Competition Changes

The "pause button" that has been discussed regarding the USTA Junior Competition changes passed last March is still a possibility, but there is no official word from the USTA about any specific alterations after the two-week period mentioned in the initial release from the tennis industry group leading the discussion with the USTA.

Steve Bellamy, the founder of the Tennis Channel and parent of four junior players, has been among those discussing the changes, and he asked me to pass along this update, which includes another USTA meeting date later this month, in this signed letter on the Tennis Insiders website.

Bellamy added:

"The USTA went through a lot to decide on this new format and we are appreciative and respect the amount of time and energy they put into this," he said.  "But not everyone is going to agree on everything and there were a significant amount of players, parents, coaches, tournament directors, officials, agents, tennis media and tennis insiders in the US tennis industry who were ardently opposed to the changes.

An unhealthy paradigm started to evolve so Kevin, myself and a few others with existing relationships at the USTA volunteered to broker discussions to see if the shared perspectives from all the constituencies in tennis could not be more included in the final outcome for the kids.  We are a fragmented industry with diverse opinion.  USTA Executives have been incredibly respectful to listen to the industry at large balanced against respecting all the time and effort that went into their plan.  Looking forward to the 21st."