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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ITA National Awards Announced

As is the tradition, the ITA announced its National Player Award recipients at a brunch this morning. The Coach awards were announced at a separate meeting earlier in the day.  The men's Coach of the Year will be announced at a later time.

ITA/Arthur Ashe Award for Leadership & Sportsmanship- Ryan Thacher, Stanford
Farnsworth/ITA Senior Player of the Year-Steve Johnson, Southern California
ITA Rookie Player of the Year-Mitchell Frank, Virginia
ITA Player to Watch-Sebastian Fanselow, Pepperdine
ITA/Rafael Osuna Award-Eric Quigley, Kentucky and Daniel Nguyen, Southern California
ITA Assistant Coach of the Year-George Husack, Southern California
ITA Coach of the Year-TBA

ITA/Arthur Ashe Award for Leadership & Sportsmanship-Caroline Newman, College of Charleston
ITA Senior Player of the Year-Jana Juricova, Cal
ITA Rookie Player of the Year-Robin Anderson, UCLA and Beatrice Capra, Duke
ITA Player to Watch-Zoe Scandalis, Southern California
ITA/Cissie Leary Award for Sportsmanship-Aeriel Ellis, Texas 
ITA Assistant Coach of the Year-Rance Brown, UCLA
ITA Coach of the Year-Stella Sampras Webster, UCLA
NCAA Elite 89 Award-Mary Anne Macfarlane, Alabama


Brent said...

Wow, some tough draws out there for the singles players. 6 King vs. Domijan and 4 Jenkins vs. Klahn first round. Youch. Almost make you think they should use some kind of protected ranking/seeding like they would on the ATP tour for somebody like Klahn who would absolutely be viewed as one of the favorites. Two guys who could absolutely win the whole thing are going to be going home on Day 1. I'll pick King and Klahn move on.

Austin said...

Yeah, I see a Domijan laydown like last year on the horizon against a rested Evan King. Jenkins & Klahn were at 7-6,2-3 in favor of Jenkins two days ago in their quarterfinals.