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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stanford Drops Top-Ranked Florida 5-2 in Palo Alto

The top two women's Division I teams are not in Charlottesville this weekend, but played today in a dual match, with Stanford posting a convincing 5-2 win over No. 1 Florida in Palo Alto.

Kristie Ahn returned to the lineup for Stanford, which is important for their NCAA title hopes, but it was the doubles point, and wins from Burdette, Tan and Li that clinched it for the Cardinal.

Thanks to Mal Taam for the photo from today's match. The release with complete results from the Stanford athletic website is here.


wotten wun said...

After sweeping the doubles, Stanford's fortunes were foretold when Mallory Burdette exploited a Doubt-Free Zone securing the first singles point against the always dangerous Lauren Embree 1 and 2. The Cardinal surged as Veronica Li posted her win followed by the match-decider delivered by Stacy Tan. Concerns for Christie Ahn returning from injury were abated when she overcame a slow start to split sets then grabbed the tie-break for a confidence-builder. Even the Cardinal's two losses were close and few doubt a long suppression of Nicole Gibbs and freshman sensation, Ellen Tsay. All things auger well for the remainder of Stanford's 2012 season.

Austin said...

I do not like the pompous and elitest attitude Florida and Stanford take toward the Indoors. They think they are too good for it and it's ridiculous.

Texas said...


With all due respect, you have no idea why Florida and Stanford chose not to participate in the NTI's this year.

work-hard-tennis said...

So Texas, what is their reason this year then?

give me a break said...

maybe if a team challenged either of them last year they would have played. also their is no benefit to playing indoors considering every big tournament the rest of the year is outside. stanford didn't play 2 years ago when they won the title, so i think they can do what they want

give me a break said...

and they both played last year and beat everybody until they met each other...in the finals.

work-hard-tennis said...

I guess they just have it in the bag. Bow to the two great teams!

** Last year then at the NCAA's, why were both teams so elated to win their quarters and semi-final matches? Did they take acting classes?