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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Men's Team Indoor Recap; Women's Team Indoor Slideshow; Isner on Benefits of College Tennis

My slideshow for the ITA Women's Team Indoor is below, and I decided to structure it around the all-tournament team announced a few days ago. I will have my Men's Indoor slideshow up once the all-tournament team is announced, which should be in the next couple of days.

My recap of the ITA Men's Team Indoor was posted this evening at the Tennis Recruiting Network, and if you didn't have an opportunity to read my daily coverage, I think it's an adequate synopsis, although not rich in all the excitement and controversy of the first three days of competition in Charlottesville.

Former University of Georgia all-American John Isner, who won the NCAA doubles title and the NCAA team title during his four years in Athens (note that he did not win the NCAA singles, but reached the finals in his senior year) has often spoken of what he gain from college tennis--confidence, maturity, matches. In this USA Today article, published last week, Isner frames the argument a bit differently, perhaps thinking of the "Lost Generation" of American tennis discussed in a USTA Today article last month.

"If I turned pro four years earlier, I would have taken a lot of beatings," Isner said. "My confidence would have dipped, and I wouldn't have had much fun playing tennis. That might have led to burnout, which might have led to me not playing tennis anymore. (Waiting) was definitely the right decision to me."

In the latest rankings released by the ITA yesterday, there was no change in the Women's Top 10. In the men's Top 10, Duke made the biggest jump with their Indoor results, moving from No. 10 to No. 5. The complete rankings can be found at the ITA website.