Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Recap of UCLA's Team Indoor Championship; Live Coverage of ITA Men's Team Indoor Begins Friday; Stanford Now No. 1 in Women's Team Rankings

My recap of UCLA's first ITA National Team Indoor title was posted today at the Tennis Recruiting Network, and it's a more condensed version of the daily coverage I provided last Friday through Monday. After three days off, I'll be back at it with coverage of the ITA Men's National Team Indoor, also at the Boar's Head Sports Club in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Unlike the women's draw, the men's draw is seeded 1-16, by ranking and includes the Top 13 teams from last week's rankings. Below are Friday's first round matchups:

No. 1 USC v. No. 16 Tennessee
No. 2 Virginia v. No. 15 Auburn
No. 3 Ohio State v. No. 14 Texas
No. 4 Georgia v. No. 13 California
No. 5 Florida v. No. 12 Pepperdine
No. 6 Kentucky v. No. 11 Texas A&M
No. 7 Baylor v. No. 9 Stanford
No. 8. UCLA v. No. 10 Duke

Although I expect the top four teams to make the semifinals (famous last words), the possibility of exciting matches remains, and I anticipate another finish near midnight. The complete draw is available at the ITA tournament page.

The new women's rankings, which are still by ballot and don't go to the computer until February 28th, had several changes as a result of the Women's Indoor and the Stanford - Florida match. Stanford is now No. 1 on the basis of its 5-2 win over Florida, which fell to No. 2. UCLA moved into the third spot, followed by Duke, California and Georgia. USC made the biggest jump, moving from 16 to 7 based on its semifinal showing at the Team Indoor.

There were no new team rankings for the men this week.

The individual rankings in singles and doubles for both men and women were also released today, with Florida's Allie Will taking over the top spot. She is followed by Cal's Jana Juricova, Duke's Beatrice Capra, Stanford's Mallory Burdette, Michigan's Emina Bektas, UCLA's Robin Anderson, Arizona State's Jacqueline Cako, Stanford's Nicole Gibbs, Georgia's Chelsey Gullickson and USC's Zoe Scandalis. Four of the top 10 are freshmen: Capra, Bektas, Anderson and Scandalis.

There is only one freshman in the Top 10 of the latest men's rankings, No. 1 Mitchell Frank of Virginia. He is followed by Henrique Cunha of Duke, Wil Spencer of Georgia, Dennis Nevolo of Illinois, Costin Paval of Oklahoma, Eric Quigley of Kentucky, Evan King of Michigan, Kevin King of Georgia Tech, Kyle McMorrow of Washington and Jarmere Jenkins of Virginia.

The top doubles teams remain unchanged from the January 3 rankings: Burdette and Gibbs of Stanford top the women's rankings, and Chase Buchanan and Blaz Rola of Ohio State are No. 1 in the men's rankings. Speaking of Rola, he was recently the subject of this feature in the school's newspaper The Lantern.

For complete rankings, see the ITA website.


Brent said...

Predictions for the Indoor...

Round of 16
1 USC over 16 Tennessee 4-0
8 UCLA over 10 Duke 4-2
4 Georgia over 13 Cal 4-1
12 Pepperdine over 5 Florida 4-3
6 Kentucky over 11 Texas A&M 4-0
3 Ohio State over 14 Texas 4-0
7 Baylor over 9 Stanford 4-2
2 Virginia over 15 Auburn 4-0

1 USC over 8 UCLA 4-3
4 Georgia over 12 Pepperdine 4-3
3 Ohio State over 6 Kentucky 4-1
2 Virginia over 7 Baylor 4-0

1 USC over 4 Georgia 4-0
2 Virginia over 3 Ohio State 4-2

2 Virginia over 1 USC 4-2

Austin said...

What happened to Sekou Bangoura?

Colette Lewis said...

He turned pro

Austin said...

Round of 16
USC over Tenn 4-0
Duke over UCLA 4-3
UGA over Cal 4-3
Fla over Pepp 4-3
UK over A&M 4-1
OSU over Texas 4-0
Baylor over Stan 4-3(4-1 if no Klahn)
UVA over Auburn 4-0

USC over Duke 4-0
UGA over Fla 4-3
OSU over UK 4-3
UVA over Baylor 4-0

USC over UGA 4-1
UVA over OSU 4-3

UVA over USC 4-3

*if it was outdoors i would have USC winning 4-2 over UVA in finals

Austin said...

regarding Bangoura, thanks, wow, what a terrible decision. no clue what he was thinking.