Saturday, June 19, 2010

ITF Grass Court Slideshow, Videos

I always think of the ITF Grass Courts as an excellent and less expensive substitute for Wimbledon, which I've covered just once, in that rain-soaked year of 2007.

You can tell from the videos that one of the things that sets grass court tennis apart is the lack of sound; even angry racquet tosses (very few of them, admittedly) are more like pantomimes than actual outbursts. In addition to Lipman and Mamalat, there are short videos available of finalists Shane Vinsant and Skylar Morton at the tenniskalamazoo channel on YouTube.


van said...

Hi Colette, thanks for posting this. It was great to see!

A. Meek said...

This is how tennis was meant to be played, if only they were using wood rackets. Kids today CAN volley they just don't get the chance with these powerful rackets.
I think Egger will be a successful doubles player at the pro level.