Saturday, August 8, 2009

Southern Girls Win Team Championship; US Open Junior Acceptances Posted

While we wait out the first significant rain in Kalamazoo in over a month, there are a couple of other stories to report. The Southern girls captured the USTA 18 National Team Championships in California yesterday, defeating the Texas section girls 4-3. Like the Midwest boys winners, the Southern girls dropped the doubles point, but came back strong in the singles. The complete results can be found on the TennisLink site; the final match is round 4, match 1.

The US Open Junior acceptances have been posted at the ITF Junior website. There are seven girls and seven boys who are in the main draw on their own rankings. Currently there are two girls and three boys from the U.S. in the qualifying, although those numbers will undoubtedly change in the coming weeks, with the inevitable withdrawals.

As of 10 am EDT, the World Junior Competition girls final between the U.S. and the Czech Republic was tied at 1-1. When there is a champion, I will attempt to post it on twitter, or check the ITF site.

Stay tuned for Nats weather updates on twitter.


Brent said...

Interesting that on the Legg Mason draw it lists the reason for Domijan's withdrawal as 'Entered in another tournament'. I know that there had been some discussion about that a couple days ago. Cool to see Isner's run.

Pierre Ra'Tard said...

Domijan pulled out due to leg cramps. There would have been no WC awarded to him if it was not possible. There are plenty of other people that would have taken it. Interesting though that they would post that. I just wish that all your comments would be this good. I am still baffled by your predictions though. I guess it will only be a matter of time before that passes.

Isner is the man. Unfortunately he is a former bulldog but im trying to get past that.

Roll tide roll!

Geaux Tigers said...


Daniel Nguyen was outed in his first match. Great prediction. Now do you understand why he wasn't seeded #1? Did you and Brent get together to do your predictions?

Big John Isner is on a HUGE roll this summer. He is playing real SEC tennis.

Looks like the 1991s are having a tough time at Kzoo. Seal and kandath lost and Sandgren won in 3 sets.

trojanduder said...

GO SC ! Daniel Nguyen and JT will win dubs !!!
US OPEN - here comes the Trojans !

Brent said...

Hey Geaux, I didn't predict Nguyen to last past Buchanan, so you're coming into the wrong kitchen on that one. I did call Carleton over Leslie and Hovhannisyan over Novikov. Kandath losing definitely hurts my picks - thought he would have a long run in him but looks like the heat was too much. I wish I would have realized that Kandath wasn't from Southern Cal or I wouldn't have picked him to go so far (ha!). Surprised Seal got taken down that easy in the third.

Paging Doctor said...

I hate to say I told you so brent. I was amazed that Kandath and Seal both went down. I thought they were candidates for suprises. This should be an interesting week as usual. Sandgren is a battler he usually finds a way through. Respectable. Domijan and Buchanan dominating.

I hope one of your calls actually comes true Brent. You need some credibilty here. That Michigan eductation isn't doing much for your Prediction abilities.

No offense to Michigan. Great Program. Great People. Great Coaching staff. Respect.

The Dude said...

I heard the heat and humidity was a major factor on Sun at the Zoo. Some players take to the conditions better while others just wilt under those conditions. Too bad they don't have an indoor supernational to balance it out. The Winters would be a good switch to indoors as AZ gets so cold during the turnament every year.

Brent said...

Paging Doctor - what are you talking about? You agreed that you were surpised that Kandath and Seal went down. I did call Hovhannisyan and Carleton over seeds. What does 'I hope one of your calls actually comes true' mean?

Almost in Canada said...

Couldn't agree more The Dude! Some players, no matter how well conditioned they are, have trouble physiologically with heat and humidity (probably compounded by nerves) Jenkins and Kandath are prime examples. Jenkins was fine yesterday but last year at the US Open he was handling Krajinovic when he cramped up; also in the Orange Bowl a few years ago. Kandath also has a problem with cramping. An indoor national is a great idea. Conditions outdoors at Winters are not conducive to good tennis anyway, so why not? Northern players who have to play indoors much of the year would have a chance to shine just like the clay courters get to in Boca and Delray Beach.Why was the national indoor scrapped anyway?

Brian Urlacher said...


I would take a look at the 14s for TJ Pura. Mika is probably one of those players that is really good at 12 but can't handle having others pass him along the way.

I read your predictions last week for Kalamazoo. Picking Carlton over Leslie and Hovhannisyan over Novikov is like picking it will snow in Alaska in the Winter.

You did show some guts, in better terms-stupidity, picking Sundling, Berman, and Kandath to go far. Kandath is already down and I'm sure Sundling and Berman are heading in that direction very soon.

Outside of your Domijan pick, (completely obvious) I anxious to see how many quarter-finalists you have left. My guess is 2


Colette Lewis said...

Unless you've made predictions yourself, I think you should refrain from ridiculing others who have been willing to put their thoughts out there. Brent has added a great deal to this site with his interest in junior tennis, and the tone of the criticism he's taken for his selections shows a lack of perspective.

If this is the treatment commenters are facing, I don't really blame them if they decide it's not worth it to post their thoughts.

Please be polite and rational in your objections, and again, consider making your own predictions before you jump all over someone else's.

Rod said...

"Unless you've made predictions yourself, I think you should refrain from ridiculing others who have been willing to put their thoughts out there."

Judging from some of the posts I think this statement is probably going to go right over their heads. Are you sure you aren't getting posts from the Twilight Zone?

MaturityFan said...

To Rod

Your post was completely pointless. I want more tennis posts. Leave your Twilight Zone outside of zootennis please and lets stick to the purpose of the site.