Sunday, August 2, 2009

2009 Kalamazoo Seeds

The draws will be released on Monday, but the seeds for the 2009 USTA Boys 18 & 16 National Championships have been announced.

Boys 18s:
1. Domijan, Alexander
2. Buchanan, Chase
3. Kudla, Denis
4. Sandgren, Tennys
5. King, Evan
6. Cox, Jordan
7. Jenkins, Jarmere
8. Lipman, Ryan
9. Fowler, Harry
10. Frank, Mitchell
11. Ore, Junior
12. Seal, James (Bo)
13. Sarmiento, Raymond
14. van Overbeek, Bob
15. Kandath, Matthew
16. Saba, Frederick
17. Sundling, JT
18. Novikov, Dennis
19. King, Kevin
20. Leslie, Zachary
21. Smith, Connor
22. Bangoura, Sekou Coker
23. Formentera, Lawrence
24. Mengel, Christopher
25. Shane, Justin
26. Kosakowski, Daniel
27. Thompson, Clay
28. Lin, Denis
29. Schultz, Christian
30. Andrews, Gregory
31. Berman, Sean
32. Nguyen, Daniel

Boys 16s:
1. Sock, Jack
2. Vinsant, Shane
3. Fratangelo, Bjorn
4. Withrow, Jackson
5. Harrington, Hunter
6. Mkrtchian, Dennis
7. Giron, Marcos
8. Austin, Gonzales
9. Del Nunzio, Richard
10. Curry, Chase
11. Matias, Ace
12. Simon, Spencer
13. Efferding, Jeremy
14. Callahan, Hunter
15. Martinez, Jose
16. Wang, Johnny
17. Adams, Andrew
18. Fickey, Brandon
19. Isoh, Asika
20. Cullimore, Keaton
21. Mays, Morgan
22. Gardiner, Tyler
23. Paige, Nolan
24. Mudge, Robbie
25. Tahir, Jason
26. Narayana, Ashok
27. Steinroeder, Alexander
28. Chaudhuri, Shaun
29. Webb, Dane
30. Krueger, Mitchell
31. Tsodikov, Anthony
32. Hundal, Vikram


justthefacts said...


seeds look pretty much like I though for B18 expect on what criteria is ryan lipmann seated top 8. Doesn't have an itf ranking or an mens ranking in singles?

Colette Lewis said...

Lipman and Jenkins, who also has no ITF or ATP ranking, were seeded top 8 based on their results last year in Kalamazoo and their 2008 year-end ITF rankings, which were 32 and 28 respectively.

5.0 Player said...

Collette: Do you know why Emmett Egger isn't seeded in B16s? I would think that his ranking is high enough.

analyst said...

Dangerous floaters:
Hovhannisyan, Noble, Pasha, Carleton, Brasseaux,Stevens,Holiner

Hovhannisyan almost took out Kudla in the first round of Intl Spring and can battle with anyone, Noble and Pasha are better than most of the lower seeds and on a good day some of the higher, Carleton--who knows?, the last 3 better than many lower seeds. Opinions?

Colette Lewis said...

Egger's ranking is 58. Last 16s player ranked is 41

net rusher said...


Ryan Lipman beat alot of the top seeds in the Fall last year: Kudla, Fowler, Pasha, Van Overbeek, Saba and many more.

I think the seeds are fair for the first 22, then get very shaky after that.

There are some very dangerous floaters in the 18s. The "Hovhannisyan, Noble, Pasha, Carleton, Brasseaux, Stevens, Holiner" is a group that would beat most of the bottom 10 seeds and could give trouble to some middle seeds as well. Even Blake Davis is heathly and winning some matches now.

Jack Sock should be playing the 18s as he would do big damage there.

Overall, good seedings.

zoothoughts said...

dennis novikov is the most out of place seed at 18th. i would say 1-28 are pretty legitimate seeds and then theres a bit of a drop off where you could have some of those floaters instead but should just make it more interesting.

justthefacts said...

to net rusher

Agree that Hovhannisyan, Noble, Pasha, Carleton, Brasseaux, Stevens, Holiner and maybe even Davis could give the bottom 10 seeds a match but not the level of the top 16, which is really all that matters to be correct. Still Lipman and Jenkins should have been the the blottom half of the top 16 based on most resent results, not the top have as alot can change in tennis in six months. Agree that Sock should be playing `18s and see what he could really do. Just dont get why the the kid is so focused on collecting titles. IT must be he wants to beat or match Al Parker's record.

Collette what time will the drawss be released

utahjazzwillwinsomeday said...

Egger is going to surprise alot of people..just my prediction!

Colette Lewis said...

draw should be up in the next couple of hours

avid follower said...

I agree the top 16 or so look pretty realistic. Not so sure Harry Fowler should be that high, but you can say that for a lot of them and give good arguments. After that it's a crapshoot.
Sock could do a lot of damage in the 18s, but his goal was to play in the US Open this year. Had no assurance of getting in prior to clays and had to reg for Zoo prior to that.
If he wins th 16s, which he should, we'll see what he is really made out of at the Open. Remember he's still 16.

biased SC tennis fan said...

Kind of interesting that Nguyen is only #32 even though he thrashed Buchanan in the NCAA finals. Guess that result is considered a fluke?

Austin said...

When I looked and saw Buchanon is the #2 seed, my immediate thought was, "wow, really?"

I'm basing that reaction on the fact he played #6 for his college team.

I saw Domijan was up 7-6,5-5 and retired in his Futures final yesterday. I wonder what happened.

Colette Lewis said...

See my tweet for a link to the Godfrey newspaper story on Domijan.

Junior Tennis Fan said...

utahjazzwillwinsomeday said...

"Egger is going to surprise alot of people..just my prediction!"

Actually, since Egger would have been seeded had he played more 16s instead of ITF's then when he inevitably "upsets" a seed it won't really be a "surprise" because the win over the seed will be expected by most people who really know what's going on in junior tennis.

It is interesting how things have changed though. Egger was probably seeded in the top 3 or top 2 of his last year of the B12's hard courts as well as his last year of the B14's hard courts. Now he's in the last year of the B16s hard courts and he's not even seeded at all. Who could have predicted that this would happen?