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Monday, August 3, 2009

Kalamazoo Draws are Posted; Who Do You Think Will Win?

With the draws now up at ustaboys.com, it's time for all of you to weigh in on who you think will win, who has a tough draw, who should cruise to the final, who will suffer an unexpected early loss. A Kalamazoo souvenir and recognition on ZooTennis is the prize when any such astute prediction become reality.

I've got a few matches circled for Friday's viewing (seeds don't begin play until Saturday):

Pasha v. Lippert, with Bangoura (22) waiting in the next round
Bernstein v. Zhu, with Seal (12) awaiting the winner
Holiner v. Noble, winner gets McCall
Collins v. Carleton, with winner playing Leslie (20)

Remember, all comments need to be accompanied by a name. This will be filed under the Contest category for easier access through Friday, when I'll close the comments.


justthefacts said...


why did domijan retire? IS he injured or was he sick? Will he definately play the zoo

Colette Lewis said...

please see Twitter feed above (or at left). Your question is answered in the link I posted on Twitter earlier today.

oh Canada said...

Harrison has a tough draw, playing the #2 seed 1st round. Same with Britton who has to play Baghdatis. Safe to say both are underdogs. Oh, you meant Zoo picks? Oops

trojanduder said...

Buchanan # 2 seed ? What a joke . Daniel Nguyen trashed him at NCAA and he also played # 6 . But I guess not good enough for USTA . My prediction (DWIN ) to win it all !!!!

Austin said...

Domijan makes final from top half of the draw. Kandath, Jenkins and Sandgren battle it out in the bottom half.

Ill go with Domijan over Sandgren in four sets.

tennisman said...

On Pasha v. Lippert, winner gets Bangoura. I see Bangoura beating either opponent.

Brent said...

I will go with the following predictions in the 18s…

Round of 256 (most interesting matches only)
Pasha over Lippert
Carleton over Collins
Noble over Holiner
Bernstein over Zhu

FAVORITE MATCHUP (if I could only see one) – Noble vs. Holiner

Round of 128
1 Domijan over McCoy
Huang over Stockton
19 K.King over Kamisar
Wong over Jackman
9 Fowler over Bertha
Chen over Siow
22 Bangoura over Pasha
Aly over Brown
5 E.King over Reynolds
Federhofer over Ball
Kehrer over 25 Shane
Fang over Barrett
13 Sarmiento over Lampa
Bader over A.Nguyen
32 D.Nguyen over Vick
MacMaster over Taylor
3 Kudla over Mkrtchian
B. Davis over Manthou
17 Sundling over Blackwell
Brasseaux over Bogodist
12 Seal over Bernstein
Balaji over Ecker
24 Mengel over Hammond
Spinosa over Sinha
8 Lipman over Lin
Pfister over Urquidi
27 Thompson over Terenzio
Noble over McCall
16 Saba over Guthrie
E.Sock over Reed
30 Andrews over Durham
Van Velzer over Micheli
Silverman over Kramer-Golinkoff
Hovhannisyan over 18 Novikov
Johnson over Rovello
10 Frank over Ghorbani
Verzaal over J.Davis
23 Formentera over Stevens
Doleac over Papac
6 Cox over Cha
Hardie over Dwyer
28 Lin over Warden
Flores over Roth
14 Van Overbeek over Offerdahl
Wolf over Bloom
31 Berman over Cooprider
Tchan over Parker
4 Sandgren over Welnetz
Ando-Hirsh over Fife
Carleton over 20 Leslie
Hoffman over McCarthy
11 Ore over Pereverzin
Cheung over Wells
20 C.Smith over Perim
Bogatov over Freeman
7 Jenkins over Horstmann
Seaborn over Spindler
26 Kosakowski over Zachary
C.Cox over Schafer
15 Kandath over Whitehead
Richardson over Camillone
29 Schultz over Robles
Bazarnik over Jang-Milsten
2 Buchanan over Mamalat

FAVORITE MATCHUP – Tough to pass up 22 Bangoura vs. Pasha, 32 Nguyen vs. Vick, 12 Seal vs. Bernstein, 16 Saba vs. Guthrie, 23 Formentera vs. Stevens, 6 Cox vs. Cha, Carleton vs. 20 Leslie, and 15 Kandath vs. Whitehead, but if I only had to choose one, I would go with Hovhannisyan vs. 18 Novikov

Round of 64
1 Domijan over McCoy
19 K.King over Wong
9 Fowler over Chen
22 Bangoura over Aly
5 E.King over Federhofer
Kehrer over Fang
13 Sarmiento over Bader
32 D.Nguyen over MacMaster
3 Kudla over B.Davis
17 Sundling over Brasseaux
12 Seal over Balaji
Spinosa over 24 Mengel
8 Lipman over Pfister
Noble over 27 Thompson
16 Saba over E.Sock
30 Andrews over Van Velzer
Hovhannisyan over Silverman
10 Frank over Johnson
23 Formentera over Verzaal
6 J.Cox over Doleac
28 Lin over Hardi
14 Van Overbeek over Flores
31 Berman over Wolf
4 Sandgren over Tchan
Carleton over Ando-Hirsh
11 Ore over Hoffman
20 C.Smith over Cheung
7 Jenkins over Bogatov
26 Kosakowski over Seaborn
15 Kandath over C.Cox
Richardson over 29 Schultz
2 Buchanan over Bazarnik

FAVORITE MATCHUP – Tough to pass up on 9 Fowler vs. Chen, 3 Kudla vs. B.Davis, 17 Sundling vs. Brasseaux, Kehrer vs. Fang, Noble vs. 27 Thompson, or 31 Berman vs. Wolf, but if I could only watch one, I would go with 5 E.King vs. Federhofer.

Brent said...

...Predictions continued....

Round of 32
1 Domijan over 19 K.King
22 Bangoura over 9 Fowler
5 E.King over Kehrer
13 Sarmiento over 32 D.Nguyen
17 Sundling over 3 Kudla
12 Seal over Spinosa
Noble over 8 Lipman
16 Saba over 30 Andrews
Hovhannisyan over 10 Frank
23 Formentera over 6 J.Cox
14 Van Overbeek over 28 D.Lin
31 Berman over 4 Sandgren
11 Ore over Carleton
7 Jenkins over 20 C.Smith
15 Kandath over 26 Kosakowski
2 Buchanan over Richardson

FAVORITE MATCHUP – Tough to pass up on 22 Bangoura vs. 9 Fowler, 13 Sarmiento vs. 32 D.Nguyen, Noble vs. 8 Lipman, 16 Saba vs. 30 Andrews, Hovhannisyan vs. 10 Frank, 23 Formentera vs. 6 J.Cox, 31 Berman vs. 4 Sandren, or 15 Kandath vs. 26 Kosakowski, but if I could watch only one, I would go with 17 Sundling vs. 3 Kudla (and yes, I realize that I just listed more than half of the Round of 32 matches – they are that good)

Round of 16
1 Domijan over 22 Bangoura
5 E.King over 13 Sarmiento
17 Sundling over 12 Seal
Noble over 16 Saba
23 Formentera over Hovhannisyan
14 Van Overbeek over 31 Berman
7 Jenkins over 11 Ore
15 Kandath over 2 Buchanan

FAVORITE MATCHUP – Could obviously choose any of them at this point, but would pick 15 Kandath vs. 2 Buchanan.

1 Domijan over 5 E.King
17 Sundling over Noble
14 Van Overbeek over 23 Formentera
15 Kandath over 7 Jenkins

FAVORITE MATCHUP – 1 Domijan vs. 5 E.King

1 Domijan over 17 Sundling
14 Van Overbeek over 15 Kandath

1 Domijan over 14 Van Overbeek 6-1, 2-6, 7-5, 6-2

Brent said...

16s predictions...

Round of 32
1 Sock over 19 Isoh
22 Gardiner over 10 Curry
5 Harrington over 27 Steinroeder
16 Wang over Chappell
3 Fratangelo over Egger
11 Matias over 23 Paige
7 Giron over Halebian
13 Efferding over 30 Krueger
9 Del Nunzio over Bogomolov
6 Mkrtchian over 21 Mays
26 Naryana over 15 Martinez
Asami over Polnet
12 Simon over Daigle
8 Austin over 24 Mudge
14 Callahan over 28 Chaudhuri
2 Vinsant over 29 Webb

FAVORITE MATCHUP – Tough to pass on 7 Giron vs. Halebian, 13 Efferding vs. 30 Krueger, or 3 Fratangelo vs. Egger, but would have to go with 2 Vinsant vs. 29 Webb

Round of 16
1 Sock over 22 Gardiner
16 Wang over 5 Harrington
3 Fratangelo over 11 Matias
7 Giron over 13 Efferding
6 Mkrtchian over 9 Del Nunzio
Asami over 26 Naryana
8 Austin over 12 Simon
2 Vinsant over 14 Callahan

FAVORITE MATCHUP – 7 Giron vs. 13 Efferding

1 Sock over 16 Wang
7 Giron over 3 Fratangelo
6 Mkrtchian over Asami
2 Vinsant over 8 Austin

FAVORITE MATCHUP – 7 Giron vs. 3 Fratangelo

1 Sock over 7 Giron
2 Vinsant over 6 Mkrtchian

1 Sock over 2 Vinsant 7-6, 6-3

Midwest #1 said...


You have Berman, Sundling, Fromentera, Sarmiento, and Hovhannisyan in the round of 16 at Kalamazoo. Why did you leave out Nguyen who the Trojanduder picks to win the tournament????????
Southern Cal didn't even win the 18Zonals, so lets pipe down on the Southern Cal favoritism, take down the Southern Cal Section poster off your bedroom wall and make predictions (before the final) that can actually happen.

Pierre Ra'Tard said...

To Midwest#1

I couldn't agree more. Southern cal is so overrated. I wish people could give an unbiased opinion on who they think are actually going to win, not who they want to win. This is not a dream world Brent. This is reality. No offense to the players you chose but formentera and noble have about as good of a chance getting to the quarters as I have of making top 10 on the pro tour at the ripe young age of 47. Thanks midwest#1 for finally speaking out aainst this socal nonsense.

Brent said...

Midwest, thanks for the comments. I actually hadn't done a regional breakdown after doing the picks to determine whether I unintentionally favored one area of the country over another. I guess I can see a little bit of a heavy Southern Cal component in the picks, but not overly so. I also may have picked only players with brown eyes, but that didn't enter into my decision-making anymore than area of the country did. I am actually from Michigan and have spent my entire life in the Midwest, which makes your bias critique especially entertaining. Which picks do you specifically disagree with?

Brent said...

....typed as Brent looks whimsically out over the Pacific while wearing his USC hat (ha!)....Pierre, thank you for the comments as well. I could have gone straight chalk and engendered almost no debate whatsoever. I think Formentera and Noble could make a run. Given Noble's draw, could also see him lose first round. So, not surprised that there are others that have an opposing view. While you may disagree with me, don't know why any of that means I have a Southern Cal bias or need to get out of my 'dream world'. Maybe you could offer some alternative picks for discussion rather than solely using your time to bash mine.

midwest no.2 said...

Brent is someone from SoCal . Maybe a coach . That's why he always favors SoCal players . Which reminds me congrats to Midwest aka Buchanan, King and co. for ending SoCal streak at Junior Davies Cup . Victory is sweet !!!!!!

Brent said...

Grew up in Michigan, went to undergrad in Michigan, went to grad school in Chicago, live in Kansas City. Think USC is running a crooked program in pigskin and hoops. Been to SoCal once in my life - when I was five. Was cheering for the Midwest vs. SoCal in the team finals. Sorry - you're reaching. Try another angle.

Midwest #1 said...


That's very disturbing writing about guys eye color, even if you were only kidding.

I do have an issue with several of your picks:
23 Formentera over 6 J.Cox
Hovhannisyan over 10 Frank
31 Berman over 4 Sandgren
And not sure how you have Sundling in the Semi's...if he gets by Brasseaux, he won't beat Kudla. I'll even give you a set in that one.

3 shocking upsets from your Southern Cal guys, especially after what Sandgren, Cox, and Frank have done in the past 4 months and what your eye color boys have not.

Are you standing by your predictions?

tns said...

so cal would have never lost if the finals had not been moved inside. So cal players never play indoors being as there isnt even 1 indoor court in so cal. midwest players play half the year indoors.

Finals Analysis said...


So Cal lost because they were the 2nd best team NOT because of what conditions they played in in the finals. Excuses do not help.

Paging Doctor said...

To Brent

I first off all have a problem with your predictions because it takes me 5 minutes to scroll to the bottom of the page to read the comments that actually make sense..

Second of all the predictions are pretty shocking in that its physically impossible for them to come true..

I could just be unhappy with the predictions because in the comeback post you used the word whimsically, but thats just me.

I am also suprised that when Colette saw the predictions she didnt just laugh and not approve it, but then again she probably thinks for people willing to make disguisting comments like that, they deserve the consequences.


Midwest #1 said...


I just noticed you have two Southern Cal guys in the semis of the 16s as well. At least you have some justification with Giron and Mkrtchian, which actually shows you have some knowledge of the sport, but still lost all validity with your 18s selections. Please, never go on Stump the Schwab with your sports knowledge.

Brent said...

Midwest #1, can see why you have a different perspective on each of those upsets I picked - that's why they are called upsets. In the absence of you publishing any selections of your own for critique, shall I just assume that the draw will go straight chalk, and we'll see the top 8 seeds in the quarters with Domijan over Buchanan in the finals? At least you appear to have moved on to debating actual matches rather than telling me which Southern Cal city I'm from.

Paging Doctor - your post makes no sense. If you have a specific challenge to one of my picks, go ahead and make it. What 'disgusting' comments did I make?