Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Take A Guess: The Annual Pick-The-NCAA-Div-1-Champion Post

This is the space for you to select your winners of the upcoming NCAA Division I championships in College Station, Texas. As always, please provide a name with your post, and any reasons you have for your picks. My choices for the team finalists will be revealed Friday in the second installment of the Tennis Recruiting Network roundtable; I'm still trying to home in on my picks for the individual champions. This post, which will be accessible via the CONTEST category to the left, will stay open through Wednesday, May 13th.

I'll start it off by re-posting Brent's round-by-round predictions for the men's championship in the comment section.


Brent said...

Bracket predictions...

Round of 64
1 Virginia over Navy
33 UNC over 17 South Carolina
16 Florida St. over Jacksonville St
17 Auburn over 33 South Florida
8 USC over Santa Barbara
17 Minnesota over 33 New Mexico
9 Stanford over Sacramento St.
17 Pepperdine over 33 California
4 Georgia over S. Carolina St.
17 Virginia Tech over 33 UNC Wilm
13 Illinois over Western Michigan
33 Wisconsin over 17 Louisville
5 Tennessee over E. Tenn. St.
17 Duke over 33 Radford
12 Texas over Sacred Heart
17 Washington over 33 Texas Tech
17 Wake Forest over 33 Northwestern
11 Kentucky over Cleveland St.
17 Tulsa over 33 TCU
6 Baylor over UMKC
17 Boise St. over 33 Midd Tenn St.
14 Alabama over Furman
33 Michigan over 17 Notre Dame
3 Ohio St. over Xavier
17 Miami over Columbia
10 Florida over Marist
33 Hawaii over 17 Oklahoma St.
7 UCLA over Southern Ill.
17 Arizona over 33 Tex-Corp Christi
15 Texas A&M over Binghamton
17 LSU over 33 Rice
2 Ole Miss over Alcorn St.

Round of 32
1 Virginia over 33 UNC
16 Florida St. over 17 Auburn
8 USC over 17 Minnesota
9 Stanford over 17 Pepperdine
4 Georgia over 17 Virginia Tech
13 Illinois over 33 Wisconsin
5 Tennessee over 17 Duke
12 Texas over 17 Washington
11 Kentucky over 17 Wake Forest
6 Baylor over 17 Tulsa
14 Alabama over 17 Boise St.
3 Ohio St. over 33 Michigan
10 Florida over 17 Miami
7 UCLA over 33 Hawaii
15 Texas A&M over 17 Arizona
2 Ole Miss over 17 LSU

Round of 16
1 Virginia over 16 Florida St.
9 Stanford over 8 USC
13 Illinois over 4 Georgia
12 Texas over 5 Tennessee
6 Baylor over 11 Kentucky
3 Ohio St. over 14 Alabama
7 UCLA over 10 Florida
2 Ole Miss over 15 Texas A&M

9 Stanford over 1 Virginia
12 Texas over 13 Illinois
3 Ohio St. over 6 Baylor
7 UCLA over 2 Ole Miss

9 Stanford over 12 Texas
3 Ohio St. over 7 UCLA

3 Ohio St. over 9 Stanford

Austin said...

Round of 64
UVA over Navy
UNC over SCaro
FSU over Jack State
Auburn over USF
Minn over UNM
Stanford over Sac State
Pepp over Cal
UGA over SCaro St
VTech over UNCW
Ill over WMU
Louisville over Wisky
Tenn over ETSU
Duke over Radford
Texas over Sacred Heart
TTech over Washington
Wake over Northwestern
UK over Clev State
Tulsa over TCU
Baylor over UMKC
Boise over MTSU
Bama over Furman
Mich over ND
OSU over XU
Miami over Columbia
Florida over Marist
Ok State over Hawaii
Zona over TAMU-CC
A&M over Binghamton
Rice over LSU
Ole Miss over Alcorn

Round of 32
UVA over UNC
FSU over Auburn
USC over Minn
Stanford over Pepp
UGA over VTech
Louisville over Ill
Tenn over Duke
Texas over TTech
UK over Wake
Baylor over Tulsa
Bama over Boise
OSU over Mich
Florida over Miami
UCLA over Ok State
A&M over Zona
Ole Miss over Rice

Round of 16
UVA over FSU
USC over Stanford
UGA over Louisville
Tenn over Texas
Baylor over UK
OSU over Bama
UCLA over Florida
Ole Miss over A&M

USC over UVA
UGA over Tenn
OSU over Baylor
UCLA over Ole Miss

USC over UGA

OSU over USC

*Once you get to the quarterfinals its really just a crapshoot. Even half of the Sweet Sixteen is up for grabs. Should be very interesting, however I think Ohio State is the best team. The bottom half of the bracket is much stronger than the top half.

In the end I wouldnt bat an eyelash if Virginia, Mississippi, Ohio State, Georgia, Tennessee, Baylor, UCLA, Stanford or USC wins the title. Even Texas may make a run.

The opening weekend upsets I could see happening would be Florida State losing to either Auburn or South Florida, Alabama losing to Boise State or Florida losing to Miami.

UVA Fan said...

FYI, there's a pool on The Sabre tennis board - no money but bragging points...

My picks

Notre Dame
Ohio State
Miami (FL)
Oklahoma St
Texas A&M
Ole Miss

Ohio State
Texas A&M
Ole Miss

Ohio State
Ole Miss

Ohio State
Ole Miss

Ohio State


Joe said...

Agree that it's a crap shoot once we hit the QFs. UVA, UGA, OSU, UCLA make the semis. UVA beats UGA by winning at the back of the lineup and doubles, probably similar to the first meeting, with 2 and 3 not finishing. OSU and UCLA is probably a 4-3, both are really deep, but OSU is stonger up-top.

Then UVA and OSU... could go either way. 4-3 either way... eh, why not, I'm a UVA fan... so unless they put NCAA Tennis up in Vegas, I'll go with them. I think UVA, to win, would need two of 1,2, and 3, the doubles, and #4 or 6. Tall order outside.

I really think UCLA, OSU and UVA are the only teams that can win it. UCLA's depth is amazing, but they don't have front-line stars. UVA and OSU are very similar, three very solid at the top, but UVA has great doubles. Should be interesting.

Once we get to the 16s, the next two rounds will be very interesting. May have to change the pick.

eric said...

Hey guys ,

Who do think will win Stanford or USC ? they are 1-1 in dual play ?

Austin said...

USC. You cant count on Stanford to be healthy.

cardinalfan said...

Just to repeat myself from what I posted above .

Klahn beat USC's top three this season, most recently in Ojai . Also, Klahn and Thacher beat Farah and Johnson in doubles . So I'm going with Stanford 4-3 .
It should be a hell of a match !

trojandrama said...

Farah and his Entourage will rise to the occasion ...

Rick said...

I am not sure how so many of you can overlook the power of the Dawgs. If you call the final four a crapshoot, you would have to put your money on the team who has done it the past two years. Although they may not have the most talent, they know how to rise to the occassion. They were in the exact same situation last year and left a lot of great teams unhappy. Another repeat this year?

I also don't think you can say enough about Ohio State's strength at every position. With the acception of Allare at 4, they may have the best players at each spot. As we all know, having the best player doesn'y necesarily mean that they are the favorite. They can't seem to get it together in the big occasions though.

With all of this being said, there are really about six or seven teams that can win this thing. Should make for some awesome matches!

Austin said...

With the exception of Allare? He is undefeated at #4 this season.

Anyone not buying UCLA really having Seguso play #4? Ill believe Brooklyn, Abid and Srugo are all healthy when I see it.

I just cant believe all of these teams, Stanford and UCLA in particular, are just going to magically be healthy. However, I hope they are cause it makes it better when all teams are at full strength.

to Rick said...

I'm overlooking the "power of the dawgs" because they lost to UVA, Ole Miss and UT and they'll probably have to play 2/3 - maybe 3/3 - to win it all.

Also with regard to Ohio State having the best player at each spot... I don't think they're clearly better except at #3 and #6 than SEVERAL teams. And not only that, but Buchanan should be playing 4, Novak 5, and Allare 6 - with that line-up they're only clearly better at #3. I'm betting they don't even make it to the finals - they play indoors almost all year and have never seen anything like College Station heat.

jp said...

round of 64
1 uva over navy
33 unc over 17 so car
16 fsu over jack st
17 auburn over 33 so fla
8 usc over ucsb
17 minnesota over 33 unm
9 stanford over sac st
17 pepperdine over 33 cal
4 uga over so car st
17 va tech over 33 uncw
13 illinois over western mich
33 wisconsin over 17 louisville
5 tennessee over e tenn st
17 duke over 33 radford
12 texas over sacred heart
17 washington over 33 texas tech
17 wake over 33 nwestern
11 kentucky over cleveland st
17 tulsa over 33 tcu
6 baylor over umkc
17 boise over 33 mid tenn
14 alabama over furman
17 notre dame over 33 michigan
3 ohio st over xavier
17 miami over columbia
10 florida over marist
17 ok state over 33 hawaii
7 ucla over southern ill
17 arizona over 33 a&m corpus
15 texas a&m over binghamton
33 rice over 17 lsu
2 ole miss over alcorn st

round of 32
1 uva over 33 unc
16 fsu over 17 auburn (toss up)
8 usc over 17 minnesota
9 stanford over 17 pepperdine
4 uga over 17 va tech
13 illinois over 33 wisconsin
5 tennessee over 17 duke
12 texas over 17 washington
11 kentucky over 17 wake forest (good match)
6 baylor over 17 tulsa
14 alabama over 17 boise
3 ohio st over 17 notre dame
10 florida over 17 miami
7 ucla over 17 ok state
15 texas a&m over 17 arizona
2 ole miss over 33 rice

sweet 16
1 uva over 16 fsu
8 usc over 9 stanford (toss up, great match)
4 uga over 13 illinois
5 tennessee over 12 texas
6 baylor over 11 kentucky
3 ohio st over 14 alabama
7 ucla over 10 florida (good match)
2 ole miss over 15 texas a&m (heart says a&m, head says ole miss)

1 uva over 8 usc
5 tennessee over 4 uga
6 baylor over 3 ohio st
2 ole miss over 7 ucla

1 uva over 5 tennessee
2 ole miss over 6 baylor

2 ole miss over 1 uva

atl tennis said...

va tech
texas tech
notre dame
ohio st
ok state
tx a&m
ole miss

ohio st
tx A&M
ole miss

ohio st
ole miss

ole miss

ole miss

ole miss

gsm said...

All favorites in the first two rounds. In the 16s, USC over Stanford & TX over TN. Semis of UVa, TX, UCLA & OSU. UCLA over UVA in the finals. I think the two best teams are Ohio ST & UCLA. UVa was better last year & should be better next year, though watch them win in this year instead. If TX , USC & Stanford can overcome their various inconsistencies, they have the talent. Just hard to see any of those 3 sustaining it over several matches. Don't see Georgia with a chance. Their margin of error is so small. They had a fantastic team last year that didn't get healthy until May. When you lose 2 top Ten guys in Helgeson & Flores and don't replace either guy with a high level recruit, you're not going to be as good. Simple as that. Nonetheless, as Austin mentions, I'm not sure any result would surprise me.

Bobby said...

Round of 16:
UVA over FSU 4-2
USC over Stanford 4-3
UGA over Illinois 4-1
Texas over Tennessee 4-3
Baylor over Kentucky 4-0
Ohio St over Bama 4-0
UCLA over Florida 4-0
Texas A&M over Ole Miss 4-2

Round of 8:
UVA over USC 4-0
UGA over Texas 4-1
Ohio St over Baylor 4-0
UCLA over Texas A&M 4-2

Final 4
UGA over UVA 4-3
Ohio St over UCLA 4-1

Ohio St over Georgia 4-2

It pains me not to take my Dawgs but I don't think they've got enough firepower this year though I can see them making a run to the final. I think this is Ohio State's year. Texas surprised them last year and Illinois the year before but I think they break through this year.

ncaafan said...

Buchanan should be playing six for Ohio State. He is 9 and 3 on the year already which is more loses than most of the guys have the whole dual match season. He is a very very good player, but Novak and Allare especially deserve more respect. Novak has lost 2 dual matches the last two years playing 4-6 and Allare is undefeated this year playing mostly 4.
Ohio State also works very hard and heat will not be an issue for them more than any other team. Whoever they play I feel they have over a 50 percent chance to win 4 singles matches and in my mind are the odds on favorites. But a lot of things can happen in the NCAA tournament, especially if you lose the doubles point which Ohio State can easily do to other top teams. In my mind behind Ohio State, Ole Miss, UCLA, Virginia, Stanford, and Baylor have the best chances of winning it respectively, with Georgia, Tennesse, Texas, and USC coming in next.
Maybe even an Illinois run to the final four...who knows? Kentucky can beat some people too. It should be a very interesting tournament.
My final four is:
OSU over UCLA and Stanford over Texas, and then OSU over Stanford. Sorry to copy Brent but I feel the same way.

to ncaafan said...

I'm sure OSU works hard, most college teams do, but UVA works hard and look what happened to them last year in Tulsa... If Singh who is FROM INDIA and had been running all year in his matches was affected by the heat change from Charlottesville to Tulsa then it's not unreasonable to expect OSU guys to struggle going from Columbus to west Texas. OSU has a good squad - I still think they will come through their half of the bracket, but don't underestimate the heat out there.

Austin said...

Singh also may have cramped due to nerves. A freshmen playing in the heat in the biggest match of his life has a tendency to get a little nervous.

Anthony said...

The winner I am not sure of as it can go either way, but FSU will beat UVA. Enough said