Thursday, May 7, 2009

April Aces; Writing a Great Blog Comment; Twitter and Recruiting

It's the first Thursday of the month, so that means it's time for my Tennis Recruiting Network feature on some of the top performers from the previous month. You may not have heard of the first one, but if you are a regular reader of ZooTennis, the next 13 are probably familiar to you.

I listen to several podcasts regularly, and being an English major in college and a writer now, it's probably not too surprising that one is about grammar. Grammar Girl rarely disappoints, and although most of you may not be interested in most of her five minute explorations into a host of sticky grammar issues, this one might be of value to several of you. It's entitled "How to Write a Great Blog Comment" and it contains nine good tips to a productive exchange of ideas. You can read or listen to the entry.

Despite my continual admonishments, I am still receiving anonymous comments. I would love to post your thoughts on Chase Buchanan playing No. 6 or Abdullah Magdas's role in USC's upcoming NCAA title, but YOU MUST USE THE NAME, NOT THE ANONYMOUS SELECTION.

The Twitter craze is producing stories about its impact on every imaginable social activity, and I've recently run across two on college recruiting. Although these two articles, one from the San Francisco Chronicle and one from the University of Minnesota's Minnesota Daily, don't mention tennis specifically, the recruiting rules are generally the same for all Division I sports. Two years ago, I wrote an article for SMASH on the NCAA ban on text messaging, which contrary to many opinions voiced then, has not been overturned or regulated, but remains prohibited. Social networking sites like Facebook also must be monitored by athletic department compliance personnel, as is mentioned in the Minnesota article, and I'm just guessing that one more outlet like Twitter is only adding to their workload.