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Friday, February 13, 2009

Tennessee Shuts Out Baylor in ITA Men's Indoor First Round

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Chicago, IL--

The No. 8 seed Tennessee Volunteers took the doubles point, and breezed past the No. 10 ranked Baylor Bears, who won the National Indoor here at the Midtown Tennis Club in 2005.

Tennessee earned its second point when Matteo Fago beat Dominik Mueller at No. 4, its third when Davey Sandgren also scored a straight set victory, over Julian Bley at No. 3. It was then a race to see if Baylor would get a point, as Baylors' Denes Lukacs was up a set and 5-2 over J.P. Smith at No. 1, but Volunteer Boris Conkic scored a 6-3, 6-3 win over Jordan Rux at No. 2 before Lukacs could finish.

For complete scores, see the ITA results page.


marc said...

the coverage at the womens event is horrible. how can they host if they cannot even provide live scoring. Illinois is doing it right.