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Friday, November 14, 2008

Tomic Update; Weinhold Blog; Intermountain Great Pumpkin Report

Australia's Bernard Tomic had initially planned on playing the Florida Junior circuit this year in keeping with his goal, stated after he won the 16s Orange Bowl last year, to win all four divisions. But the wild card tournament for a main draw berth in the Australian Open, which he has been invited to play, conflicts with the long trip to South Florida, so he will stay in his home country. The Sydney Morning Herald has this story on Tomic's goals and plans, while the Melbourne Herald-Sun posted this story on the 16-year-old, who is quoted as saying: "Making the transition to the seniors is what I've prepared for over the next few months. I can always come back to juniors if I'm not doing so well."

2007 USTA Girls 18 winner Ashley Weinhold is in Spain for several tournaments, and her blog, which can be found on the Austin Tennis Academy website, describes the unpleasant weather she's encountered this week in Mallorca, and provides analysis of her tennis matches. She and her partner won the doubles titles today.

I receive monthly email newsletters from most of the USTA sections, and often it is difficult to distinguish one from another. But this month's newsletter from Intermountain contains a very detailed account with pictures of one of their major sectional tournaments, the Great Pumpkin, which serves as the endorsement selection for the upcoming USTA Winter Nationals in Arizona. It would be terrific if more sections could supply similar roundups of their significant tournaments.


bullfrog said...

I hate to say this...but shouldn't Ashley Weinhold be moving on toward college instead of touring Spain playing low level tennis (and losing)? I guess she just has rich parents or something but she's such a great girl and you'd think she'd want to start building a meaningful future for herself.

Austin said...

shouldnt Australia be giving Tomic a wildcard by now?

BSC tournament needed said...

a WC for Tomic in the Australian Open?? No way. Tomic is in the 700s ATP and has had average (at best) results at the Futures level, especially if he wants to play Grand Slam tournaments. Tomic needs to EARN his way. He needs to win some Challenger level tournaments before Australia thinks of giving him a Grand Slam wildcard.

justthefacts said...

Agree "Bullfrog". There is another player named Story Tweedie Yates who is making a go at the PRO Circuit, but at least she has a College degree to fall back on.

bullfrog said...

Ashley Weinhold would be a really good college player and she's such a great girl and would be a great teammate. It's her choice, of course, as to what she does with her life. I hope the people around her are giving her sound "advice for life." An education is just one of those foundations to build on.