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Monday, November 24, 2008

Austin Visits Bollettieri's for Tennis Channel; Stories on Reynolds, DeSimone, Krajinovic and Vickery

In just a few days we'll be at Bollettieri's for the Eddie Herr and I've been hard at work on my preview, which will be available on The Tennis Recruiting Network later this week. Tracy Austin has already been to Bradenton to talk with Nick for the first installment of her show for the Tennis Channel called "Tennis Channel Academy 08." The premier was last night, but the Bollettieri segment will air again Tuesday night. The release on usta.com, which I thank a reader for bringing to my attention, mentions segments with the Everts, Pat Etcheberry, Robert Lansdorp, Carlos Rodriquez and Justine Henin. See the Tennis Channel schedule page for dates and times.

Bobby Reynolds won the Knoxville challenger Saturday, bringing his ATP ranking to a career best of 70, but this Knoxville News article doesn't just report on the match. There is also much on Reynolds' upcoming wedding with details of how he and his fiance met while student-athletes at Vanderbilt.

The San Diego Union-Tribune follows their area's high school tennis closely, and Gabrielle DeSimone's second straight CIF sectional win merits this article. DeSimone beat Lacey Smyth 2-6, 6-1, 7-6(7) in the final, so there was obviously plenty of drama to report.

Sixteen-year-old Filip Krajinovic of Serbia, retired from his Knoxville semifinal match against Reynolds with blisters, but this story, from the English language version of the Serbian tabloid Blic, says he hopes to compete in the Cancun Challenger this week, having received a wild card into the main draw. Krajinovic is still listed as an entrant in the Eddie Herr, but depending on his foot and how long he's in Cancun, I wouldn't say he's certain to play in Bradenton.

There are a lot of big names thrown around in the Krajinovic story--Agassi and Federer chief among them, and that's also true of this story about Sachia Vickery, who, like Krajinovic is now a Bollettieri student. From a Guyana publication called Kaieteur News, the story invokes the Williams sisters, and Serena in particular, who has long been a source of inspiration to Vickery.

On Tuesday, look for this month's Coaches Q & A, in which Harold Solomon discusses the issue of taking a break from tennis.


Austin said...

ive been saying for two years that Vickery is the best American hope and Im sticking with it.

tennisfan said...

Austin - I've only seen her play once (about 6 months ago) and I didn't see in her, what you are seeing. In that tournament, she lost to an older player, but someone not that special. She is very talented, don't get me wrong, but nothing for US to hang our hopes on. However, her entourage was impressive!

tothineownselfbetrue said...

I agree with tennisfan...
Sachia Vickery literally has no serve and she plays 3 feet behind the baseline. Her short stature is also an issue. Not trying to be critical of Sachia, more critical of those who are have coached her and in charge of her game. She'll always do very well in the juniors and maybe lower end pro.

get real said...

I agree with tennisfan. She is a good athlete and moves very well. I think she is at a disadvantage with her height and power. Do not see it happening big for her. I think she has physically maxed out.
But, i see college in her future as long as she is not over coached and over pushed. The one to watch is Sloane Stephens. Talk about having advantages. Great athlete and good kid.